100% FIXED Disney Plus Not Working On Roku 2022

Simply restart your Roku device when the Disney Plus not working on Roku, it is the easiest thing you do to make it work again. If this didn’t help your issue then you can apply troubleshooting tips to fix the problem with Roku not working and have reliable solutions with our guide. There has been researching on Disney Plus and issues find out on Roku which seems common on many Roku TV, Streaming Stick+ 3810, TCL Roku TV, and Hisense Roku TV.

How To Quick Fix Disney Plus Not Working On Roku TV and Roku Stick?

For Roku Streaming Device Rebooting:

  • Go to the Settings.
  • Then head to the System.
  • Select the System Restart option.

For Restarting Roku TV:

  • You can go to Settings.
  • Then Power options.
  • And choose System Restart on Roku TV.

Other Ways Of Fixing Disney Plus App Not Working On Roku

Disney Plus is a relatively active platform that has an advantage for kids to enjoy favorite shows that other platforms do not have. Not just that it offers customers a massive collection of entertainment through several movies lists and TV shows. For Roku users, it does have compatibility with many Roku devices including the Roku TV and others to watch TV channels, movies, and shows on demands with different other services.

Even it is supported to work on a variety of Roku devices; however, there have been multiple reports of Disney Plus not being on old Roku express, which is the reason you are here to solve the problem and settle with a working solution.

Troubleshooting Steps for Disney Plus Not Opening On Roku

1- Fix Channel By Reinstalling Disney Plus Channel

Fix Channel By Reinstalling Disney Plus Channel
Fix Channel By Reinstalling Disney Plus Channel

When there is an issue with Disney channel’s on Roku then the service may be isolated or corrupted. A simple solution for that problem is to re-install the channel by deleting the Disney Plus channel from your Roku that will clear any sort of corruption, cache, or broken links along with other issues. It’s likely to give a boost to Disney services that ensure you are running problem-free services.

Simply, you can remove the Disney Plus channel and then re-add it using the Roku channel store. Once you have enabled the Disney channel again on your Roku, you’ll need to check it by logging in your information.

Follow the steps below to uninstall and reinstall the Disney Plus channel that may resolve the not working issue.

  • Go to the home by pressing the Roku home button using the remote.
  • Then find and highlight the Disney Plus channel, just highlight not open.
  • Press the Roku options (*) button from the Roku remote.
  • Choose the option ‘Remove Channel’ to delete the service.
  • Now go back to the Settings.
  • Select the System Restart option from Roku System.
  • Wait for your Roku device to Restart.
  • From the home screen use the search bar to locate Disney+.
  • It takes minimal time till you will see Disney Plus again for streaming channels.
  • Then you can add Disney Plus back to your device.
  • You can do that by selecting the ‘Add Channel’ options.
  • This should fix the Disney channel problem taking over Roku users.

2- Fix with Updates

Fix with Updates
Fix with Updates

First, you have to remove the channel from the Roku app, then try Roku update to fix the problem. It can be done with teh following channel updates and Roku updates. The steps are easy and you can follow the instructions on your Roku to solve the problem of Disney Plus not loading on Roku.

Channels Updates on Roku TV

You can check for channel updates to ensure Disney+ has the latest versions. In case you couldn’t find it in your Roku device then it is certainly not a compatible device. The handful of devices is not supported by the Disney+ channel. These are not supported Roku device models; 2400, 3000, 3050, 3100, 2450, 2500, 3400, 3420.

To verify your Roku’s model number, navigate to Settings, then System and About information on your device. If you are using one of these mentioned devices then it wouldn’t help you get the channel for streaming on your device. Otherwise, you can follow the given steps to update the channel.

Update your Roku Software From Device

  • From home screen navigate to the Disney Plus channel.’
  • Then highlight the channel by pressing the start button.
  • Choose an option, check for updates.
  • After that, you need to check updates on your Roku.
  • You can find Roku software settings from home.
  • Then select System and choose the System Update option to check for updates.
  • It will fix the Disney Plus issue on Roku.

3- Check Internet, Reboot Your Router And TV For Fresh Connections

Check Internet, Reboot Your Router And TV For Fresh Connections
Check Internet, Reboot Your Router And TV For Fresh Connections

When the Disney+ channel existed on your Roku and it doesn’t open up and shows a blank screen. There should be an internet connection problem that giving you a rough time fixing Disney Plus autoplay not working Roku and Disney Plus not loading on Roku TV.

It is also a possible error from Disney servers and you couldn’t do much about down services. Either way, you can try out rebooting your TV, internet router for a fresh start and see it could help.

Unplug your TV or make a software restart.
Also, unplug the Roku from the external A/V system and try plugging it straight into your TV ports.
Reach your internet router settings and press the restart button to connect again.
Try the internet connection speeds if it’s below 5Mbps limits then Disney Plus buffering timeout Roku TV happens.
Thankfully connecting to a faster internet device can solve this problem and you can smoothly stream Disney Plus in 4K.
But know minimum 20MBs are required to smoothly play 4K Disney Plus.

4- Try Resetting Your Roku

Try Resetting Your Roku
Try Resetting Your Roku

You can try out factory resetting your Roku Plus device and have it run on a default setting afterward. When you did that then you can try the Disney Plus channel streaming. If it’s work then you should know there were some errors or other applications glitches that block your connection with Disney plus. Although it’s good for your device you’ll risk reinstalling everything again.

5- Connect to Customer Support’s

It is the last stop that your Disney Plus not working with Roku and Roku Disney Plus protected content license error Roku TV. You should try to contact Disney+ support and take help from https://help.disneyplus.com/ or dial the contact number 888-905-7888 for direct talk. It also helps to contact Roku for software glitches and its fixes for Disney Plus and wait for the support team to assist you more.

Reason Why Disney Plus Login Not Working On Roku

The basic reason for Disney Plus not being available on Roku is regional service restrictions. This means if your region is not listed on the broadcasts you will not receive the services of Disney Plus unless you have a solution like a virtual private connection on your internet.

Secondly, there could be interference with your wireless connections. That means the problem is not with Roku but the internet connection is weak or not available for streaming the services.

Old firmware on your Roku devices is one of the reasons you have outdated software that is why you are having trouble with Disney Plus is not showing up on your Roku.


The issue Disney Plus not working on Roku is not bound only to the old Roku devices sometimes it just not working on new Roku’s too. Many times people have found the same issue on both of the newest Rokus and old ones. Besides, those servers are the main reasons you need to reinstall teh app and follow the instructions exactly as described above for the re-installing process. It works for me as other apps function normally on the latest Roku updates 9.4.0 4200. If still, you could manage to work around the I suggest, move to Fire Stick, FireTVs, or a mobile device such as Android to enjoy Disney Plus without troubling with Roku incompatibility with the Disney Plus channels.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is My Roku Too Old For Disney Plus?

If you are unable to add the Disney Plus channel to your Roku, it is possible that your Roku is too old to handle 4K and because your firmware is outdated. If you are unaware of the device compatibility you can visit Disney Plus and check the supported Roku devices.

Does Disney Plus Not Work On Roku?

If despite your efforts, Disney Plus refuses to work on your Roku, there is one more thing to look into that is a service outage. Many times it’s the service outage that results in no connection. You can use a site like DownDetector to determine if the Disney Plus service is unavailable internationally or in your area.

Why Is My Disney Plus Not Working?

The main issue that Disney Plus doesn’t work is the compatibility of Roku devices and old firmware. You can navigate to your device’s firmware configuration page and check for updates to the latest version. It is also useful if you can restart your Roku for a new connection to Disney Plus.

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