Free Landline Phone Service’s with Internet VoIP 2022

Many people are enamored with the idea of free landline phone services with Internet VoIP. It is the long history of landline service that has earned a reputation for reliability, dependability, and as an alternative to cell phone wireless service in the early days of 1G and 2G cellular connections with wireless networks that are easily disrupted by a variety of obstacles, rendering them inoperable or weakening signals. However, landline connections were powerful at the time, with work as a wired connection that was constant at all times.

Because of the simplicity, dependability, and being the oldest form of phone service, landline phone service begins to take over enterprises, and till recently it is considered one of the most convenient ways of communicating and conducting business.

A phone failure has only one effect, your phone will no longer be able to receive calls. That is the case with previous generations (Prior to 3G) wireless phones to frequently drop calls and not receive good signals in specific areas outside of coverage, which is why having a landline phone system might be emphasized for the sake of communication.

Things have changed there are new ways of home phone communications with VoIP free Landline phone services that are strong and convenient for anyone to adopt without digging for landlines wires to settle outside the house, you can make use of your existing devices, computers, Androids, and iPhones to communicate, even your landline telephone can contribute to the purpose. Here is how? Down there is a brief clarification of futuristic disruption-free home phone service.

Free Landline Phone Service with Internet VoIP

Free Landline Phone Service with Internet VoIP
Free Landline Phone Service with Internet VoIP

There are numerous offers and discounts mentioned on every other landline service provider page for cheap landline phone service without internet or free service for a limited time, but a true phone service that does not expire is what we are discussing in this blog so that you can rely on your home phone without being cut off from the world at any time, which is certain for old landlines that will disappear in the coming days.

According to published reports from the United Kingdom government (Office of Communications) at, the government is taking a further step in transitioning traditional (PSTN) public switched telephone network landline technology from analog to internet VoIP by the end of the year 2025.

Voice Over Internet Protocol communication is internet-based communication that is a digital way to carry calls over a broadband connection uses your existing devices like smartphones, laptops, and smart-home devices to make calls and text or may require additional equipment’s over your existing devices to make it possible for technology to work with traditional landline telephones.

We’re talking about a new technique to make calls that can save you money, it is (VoIP) Voice Over Internet Protocol, which transmits your voice over the internet rather than a traditional phone connection. You may utilize VoIP to make calls using an app on your Android phone, iPhone, or computer browser.

It can also be used with a VOIP adaptor, which connects to your home phone line (landline) and converts your home phone into a VoIP phone. You can use a VoIP adapter device with any phone to transform it into a futuristic communication device.

Lets Talk; Free Home Phone Services from Different Provider’s

Home Phone allows you to make and receive voice calls from your home or office if you have a dedicated business line. We’ve been discussing the next step toward VOIP over landlines and how it can save you money, but your Android phone, iPhone, or laptop isn’t the only area where it can help.

Here’s everything you need to know to get started with VoIP Home Phone when you’re having trouble paying your landline bills and can’t stand the costly monthly fees.

The solution is right here, we have discovered free-of-cost landline service with internet VoIP for providing you with a reliable home phone service on which you can rely for your commercial or personal communications.

1- Google’s Free Google Voice Calling Service (Future Landline)

Google's Free Google Voice Calling Service (Future Landline)
Google’s Free Google Voice Calling Service (Future Landline)

Among many Voice Over IP services providers, Google Voice is top-rated in U.S. and Canada for free phone services for everyone, and anyone who is looking for a communications route without paying hefty bills is welcomed to Googles Voice service, that can work on all the internet of devices (IoT’s) to utilize wireless services for better connectivity across the country and abroad.

It is a completely free phone service for residents of the United States who need a reliable phone connection without demanding approvals for certain government programs. Free home phone service with Google Voice costs nothing when using services in the U.S. and Canada regions but international calls have slight costs. It is easy to use on any smartphone with a virtual number. You can also connect your current landline number to Google Voice so you can receive calls directly to any device you have.

Register Yourself for Free Landline Services with Google Voice

Best Features of Google Voice (VoIP) Free Landline Phone Service For Seniors at Home

You are in Command of Free Phone Service

There are a lot of safety features that allow automatic filters to work on spam calls and messages. You can ban numbers you don’t want to hear from and easily organize your time by customizing call forwarding, text message forwarding, and voicemail forwarding.

You can Backup your Contacts and Entire Phone History

Because your calls, text messages, and voicemails are saved in the service backup, you can quickly search, amend, or look over your phone history, and there is a search option available for making any sort of question linked to the service usage.

Facility to Manage your Messages across Devices

The service is versatile and offers many benefits of individual and group messages, you will be able to send and receive multiple messages on all your connected devices. It implies that even your closest device can read your text messages.

Transcribed Version of your Voicemail

Google Voice provides advanced voicemail transcriptions, which you may read in the app or have delivered to your email address for privacy reasons. The feature is well worth having important business talks and certifications.

Save Money on International Calls

Although the United States and Canada had free home phone services, international calls are paid beyond the U.S. territory. But it doesn’t mean that it cost more, you can make international calls at the lowest rates without having to pay more for international minutes with your mobile carrier.

Google Voice VoIP Adapter for Landline Phone (OBiHai OBi202)

Google Voice VoIP Adapter for Landline Phone (OBiHai OBi202)
Google Voice VoIP Adapter for Landline Phone (OBiHai OBi202)

For your landline phone, the Google Voice adaptor is an excellent choice. There are numerous benefits to using this adaptor. The adapter allows you to contact other landlines or mobile phones in the United States for free, and it also allows you to call other countries at cheap rates. It’s all possible because the Google Voice app has evolved into more than just an app. It has become an integrated platform with numerous features.

One of the most useful features is the option to make free calls using either your virtual phone number or your genuine landline phone number, which can be your virtual phone number at Google Voice. For this purpose, a device is used that is “Obihai OBi202 Google Voice adapter” to connect your landline phone and allow communication over (VoIP) Voice over Internet Protocol.

Advantages of OBiTalk Setup with your Landline

OBiTalk is an OBi device that offers a lot of convenience as a Google Voicebox for landline and residential phone setups. This is all you need to get a VoIP connection from Google’s free phone service. Using OBi simplifies making calls on your landline phone and continuing to use it as before, with the addition of a connection to your internet router that replaces the typical lane connection of local landline service providers.

Features of OBiTalk as a Google Voicebox for landlines and Home Phone setups

  • The Google Voice adapter device OBi202 supports premium features for free with up to four VoIP services.
  • It includes Google Voice, Anveo, PhonePower, VoIPms, and ‘Bring Your Own Device’ that will be a landline or personal phone.
  • Google Voice allows you to make calls in the United States and Canada using the broadband Internet, portable WiFi router connection.
  • Saves money with Google Voice at the home telephone, is dependable as free VoIP, and makes affordable international calls.
  • Plus point of calling from one OBi device to other OBi devices is free of cost when made through the OBiTALK network powered by Google Voice.
  • OBi remote access with Cloud-manages OBiTalk online portal, which is simple to set up.
  • You can access all of the tools from OBiTalk that are needed to make any necessary modifications from any location.
  • The device is unlocked right from the manufacturer to provide complete freedom of choice, you can change the service provider of your choice.
  • Allow access to premium features such as OBiFAX, Call Blocking, and OBi Notify.
  • When connected to a landline, smartphone, or computer, you can use Call forwarding based on caller IDs.
  • There are three ways for calls on hold and direct forwarding and a filter for avoiding anonymous faxes.

What do you get with the OBiHai Google Voice setup?

Google Voice is one of the best free internet phone services for home phones that seniors can easily be hands-on and use without the technical mess. It is a free service that anyone can use in Canada and United States, all you need is to place your Google account at and start making calls over IP from your Android, iPhone, or Windows computer. Google Voice is a free full-featured substitute for your mobile carriers with voicemail and text messaging in a slew of extras.

OBiHai tools for setup landline-style home phone

  • It allows you to make free voice calls through Google Voice (VoIP)
  • Compatible with T. 38 Fax and SIP
  • Service includes emergency services 911 alert’s service and supports.
  • The device has two phone connection ports, lane, ethernet, and a USB 3.0 port.
  • You can use all types of OBi WiFi 5G accessories with a USB port.

2- Free Government Landline Phone Service

You can apply for free government landline service programs if you can prove your household’s eligibility. Then you will receive the monthly landline phone service at your home at no cost. Yes, there are free landline phone services for government-registered households. Lifeline has a scheme through which you can get free government cell phone and communication services in approximately forty states. If you live in California, you will have access to a variety of providers, alongside Lifeline free cell phone and landline services.

Government Free Landline Phone Service For Disabled and Low Income Resident’s

Lifeline support for affordable communications is offered by Federal Communication Commissions that has prompted the government’s Lifeline aid program, which works with multiple major mobile companies to offer qualifying households free landline phone services. It started with the Commission’s adoption of modernization of the Lifeline program on March 31, 2016, and included broadband as a support service in the Lifeline program that is suitable for seniors and disabled to have work from home and receive free and discounted landline services.

The Lifeline program has provided a discount on phone service to qualifying low-income users to ensure that all Americans have access to the opportunities and security that phone service provides, such as connecting to jobs, family, and emergency services. Lifeline is a service provided by the Universal Service Fund of low-income households in every state, territory, commonwealth, and on tribal lands.

The Universal Service Administrative Company manages the Lifeline program (USAC) for the low-income data collection charge. It manages and supports the computation of receipts and approve eligible residents for payout. The website of USAC contains information about the low-income program’s administrative features that you can further explore and access specific landline offers for your area and region.

Qualification Criteria of Free and Cheapest Landline Phone Service

Families who currently receive government assistance, such as Veteran Pension, Food Supplements, etc are eligible for the free landline phone services. The government’s Lifeline aid program collaborates with multiple major cellphone providers to give qualifying families additional services. Here are some of the types of eligibility that requires to enter your household in the program for the services.

  • The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) (SNAP).
  • Low House Income of 135 percent or below the Federal Poverty Guidelines.
  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI).
  • Medicaid and Public Housing Assistance from the Federal Government.
  • Pension and Survivor Benefit Programs for Veterans.
  • Participant of Programs Tailored to Tribal Communities;
  • Tribally-Administered Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TTANF),
  • Food Distribution Program (FDPIR), and Head Start are all administered at the tribal level.
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