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The new version of GBWhatsApp Apk v21.20.1 has been released and looks promising with its best new features. The app is one of the most popular in its category (online communication apps), and both new and old GBWhatsApp users have been waiting for the upcoming updates, which we are delighted to share with you to take your GBWA experience to the next level.

A few weeks ago, the app’s development team released the latest version of GBWhatsApp v21.20.1, which offers many new features and improvements in addition to GBWhatsApp Pro v19.60.1. The new release combines all official WhatsApp optimizations on top of the latest and greatest security updates with more modified features, giving users complete control over their accounts while maintaining their legal rights.

Today, communication is more necessary than ever, and you must rely on internet technology to be flexible rather than courier your letters. WhatsApp is one of the most popular apps with over 2.44 billion unique users (recorded in July 2022) and the best free-of-cost internet-based app for communication. It features texting, sharing photos, make free calls over the internet protocol (VOIP) in addition to face-to-face video calls and group chat features.

We value every app that benefits users, and we appreciate WhatsApp’s assistance in making communication easier and serving as our daily drive app for social interactions from phone and PC. Since Facebook purchased Whatsapp for $19 billion in 2014, some users have expressed concerns about privacy and restrictions, and the limited features of the original WhatsApp restrict users from sending no more than 30 images and up to 17 MB of video size at maximum.

These limitations diminished the original WhatsApp because imitated options could not meet the needs of professional users. It gave us GBWhatsApp and GBWhatsApp Pro for all platforms compatibility with unlocked features like sending over 90 images at once and sharing up to 2GB of video file size with an extended audio clip and doc attachments support, as well as tonnes of custom controls. As a result, GBWhatsApp has earned a well-deserved reputation as the best among modded WhatsApps with enhanced features for achieving satisfactory results with anti-ban and new caller ID features.

If you want to learn more, let’s take a closer look at what’s new in the latest GBWhatsApp release on July 12, 2022!

What is GBWhatsApp, and Who is the Founder?

What Is GBWhatsApp, and Who is the Founder

GBWhatsApp is simply an upgraded version of WhatsApp with more user-friendly features and customizable settings. It was developed by an individual named Omar Abdulaziz. He developed GBWhatsApp by reverse-engineering the original WhatsApp, which he had been experimenting with for years and had become successful with the addition of new features to make it appealing to users. According to his Twitter handle @atnfas hoak, he is an Arab programmer from Daraa, Syria, who released his first version of the app on the gbmods website.

The initial release of GB WhatsApp took place in January 2014 and is available for Android and iPhone users to communicate with one another while taking advantage of additional useful features that are not present in the original WhatsApp app, such as the ability to hide your last seen time, broadcast message to multiple contacts at once, and several different themes.

After five years of GBWhatsApp, other Android developers such as AlexMods and HeyMods collaborated with the official GBWhatsApp to create GBWhatsApp Pro and improve the original GBWhatsApp in August 2019. This meet-up team produced some fantastic features that are included in the new GBWhatsApp release, which we will discuss further below.

GBWhatsApp Vs GBWhatsApp Pro Vs Original WhatsApp (Differences & Comparisons)

GBWhatsApp Vs GBWhatsApp Pro Vs Original WhatsApp (Differences & Comparisons)

Both GBWhatsApp and GBWhatsApp Pro are the same apps with different names to attract users’ attention. When comparing the advanced GB WhatsApp variants to the original WhatsApp, there are numerous differences that set the two modified versions apart. We’ve created a comparison table and listed their differences below for your convenience.

FeaturesGBWhatsAppGBWhatsApp ProWhatsApp
Manage Multiple Accounts
Custom Colors & Themes
Icon Change Features
Choice of Custom Font
Broadcast Message to Groups
Message Scheduler
Download Status
Share Live Location
Do Not Disturb Mode
Max File Sharing Limit2GB2GB100MB
Status Length5 Minutes5 Minutes1 Minute
Forward Limit250 Chats250 Chats5 Chats
Filter Messages
Security Lock
Hide Online Status
Auto Reply
Calls Disable
Undo Multiple Messages
Mark Unread Messages
Multiple Language Support
GBWhatsApp Vs GBWhatsApp Pro Vs Original WhatsApp Comparison Chart

GBWhatsApp Features

When you go for GBWhatsApp Pro or GBWhatsApp, you’re getting a lot of features with GBWhatsApp Pro and GBWhatsApp Original that you don’t get with regular WhatsApp. The following are the advantages of GBWhatsApps over regular WhatsApp:

5 Minute Status (New)

The new 5 Minute Status is a unique option that allows you to post a 5-Minute Video Status instead of a 30-second status. However, this new feature is only available to GBWhatsApp and GBWhatsApp Pro users, who can see the full status length, while other users can only see the standard 30sec status.

Message Reaction Emojis (New)

You can send an emoji reaction without replying to a message. When you tap and hold on to a message a menu appears with emojis for different reactions; (Happy, Sad, Love, Hate, Surprise, Fear, Anger, Disgusting). This new feature makes it easier to express your emotions without having to type a sentence.

Broadcast Message to Groups

This advanced feature allows you to broadcast your message to multiple groups without typing the same message to each group individually. It is a great way to quickly share helpful information, greetings, and reports while wasting no time.

Message Scheduler

It is normal to type a new message on Whatsapp; however, if you do not want to miss important feedback, you can now use the Message Scheduler feature in both GB WhatsApp and Pro variants to schedule a custom message for any contact whenever you want. It allows you to send a pre-planned message at a specific time even if you are offline.

Auto-Reply Message

When you set a custom text, you can use the Auto-Reply Message feature to keep everyone updated even if you go offline regularly. This is similar to recording a message on a landline, which allows callers to contact you later for proper communication while leaving any important message on spot.

Hide Last Seen Time

This feature helps users who are hesitant to confront their contacts and want to hide their last seen status from WhatsApp, which does not count their time on WhatApp and keeps their contacts unaware that the person’s account is active. The good news is that hidden users can easily see other people’s last seen times.

Mass Message Sender

The Mass Message Sender feature allows users to send a single message to an unlimited number of contacts with a tap on the send button. It is only available in the most recent versions of modded GBWhatsApp and GBWhatsApp Pro.

Disable Audio Playing Notifications

Pop-up notifications can be annoying, but when you become a pro user of GB WhatsApp, you can change the notification settings so that they don’t appear while you’re busy and don’t play an audio tone, causing them to appear silently on the notification panel for review.

Increased Forward Limit

Recent updates include increased message forward limits, allowing you to forward specific messages up to 250 chats, which is a significant increase from the previous 139 chats.

Video File Share Size

This is a most demanding feature that benefits pro users who need to share large video files that exceed 2 Gigabytes lengths. This demonstrates great potential for GB WhatsApp version’s to evolve into a business-focused app for sharing large video files in lossless quality.

Audio File Share Size

The extended audio file sharing feature does not require you to edit your lengthy audio files. The capacity for sharing large audio files has increased from the original app’s limited 100MBs to the new GBWhatsApp and Pro’s extended 2GB is enormous. As a result, you will be able to accomplish more while working under fewer constraints.

Image Share Size

The new release also included the provision for bulk image sending limits that exceed 90 images from the restricted 30 images. This enhancement allows you to send high-resolution pictures in record time.

GB Status Saver Built-In (Save Status)

There is a built-In status saver to download your contacts status directly without installing additional apps. You can move to the status option and tap on the download button. Both the GBWhatsApp and Pro variants will save the status on your device in no time. It can save any status format whether GIFs, Pictures, or Video Clips.

2 Days Status Time

Normal WhatsApp can display status for 12-24 hours; you can extend it to 2 days with the GB WhatsApp new feature; 2 Days Status Time. Using this you’ll not miss another status from contacts and see everyone’s status for over 24 hours.

Hide Writing Status (Text Status)

You can hide your writing status during communication by Disabling the Writing Status and keeping your intention silent. On the other hand, no one will notice what you are doing.

Hide Recording status

When sending voice mails, the Hide Recording Status feature allows you to hide your status from others, allowing you to be hidden from your actions.

Hide Online Status

Your WhatsApp contacts, like Facebook, know when you were online. This can be disabled by using the GB feature Hide Online Status, which tells no one whether you are online or not until you want to communicate.

Do Not Disturb (DND Mode)

In your personal time with family and friends and even for a good night’s sleep, you don’t want to be bothered with your phone. Do Not Disturb Mode on GB WhatsApp Pro and GB can help you avoid receiving any disturbance from WhatsApp messages.

Filter Messages

To clear your chats or search for a specific message, GB Whatsapp includes a Filter Message feature, which allows you to filter personal or particular messages from group chats and see the trail of communication.

Anti Delete Message

The feature Delete for Everyone allows you to send un-revokable messages to your receipts and contacts. This can make a message stick to the chat and be undeletable for everyone unless the whole chat is removed.

Multiple Themes

GBWhatsApp Pro and GBWhatsApp’s Themes can be changed to your liking at any time. There are numerous customizations available for changing the background of your WhatsApp as well as the entire User Interface (UI) screen with a variety of themes.

Change Notification Icon

Customization is unlimited, and you can select from a variety of Notification Icon styles. This feature includes many stylish options for selecting your favorite notification tray icon to give your GBWhatsApp Notification a custom look.

Change icon

The Icon Changing feature is not new, but changing and hiding your GBWhatsApp icon on the phone app drawer is quite clever. This feature allows you to change the style and design of your GBWhatsApp launcher icon from pre-programmed styles.

Backup & Restore

There is a Backup & Restore option for the reliability of your data, which makes chats Backup and Restore simple. It will advantage you when switching from Original WhatsApp to GB WhatsApp Pro.

Privacy Controls (Password & Protection)

GBWhatsApp Pro includes a plethora of privacy-related features. These additional privacy settings are not available in the official app and make users able to configure and control their privacy with customizable settings, which range from changing online status to data security. It supports Password and Fingerprint Lock for specific chat groups and even secures the entire GBWhatsApp Accounts for security.

Type Of WhatsApp Mods

Type Of WhatsApp Mods

Among the numerous WhatsApp Mod variants, these are well-known for custom features other than recommended GBWhatsApp and GBWhatsApp Pro:

  • WhatsApp Plus
  • YOWhatsApp (YoWA)
  • WhatsApp Go
  • FMWhatsApp
  • Fouad WhatsApp
  • WhatsApp Aero
  • OGWhatsApp Pro
  • WhatsApp Indigo
  • GBWhatsApp MiNi
  • ZE WhatsApp
  • WhatsGold
  • NSWhatsApp 3D
  • WhatsApp JiMods
  • Soula WhatsApp
  • WhatsApp Prime
  • WhatsAppMA
  • YCWhatsApp

Download GB WhatsApp Apk For Android

App NameGBWhatsApp
DeveloperOmar Abdulaziz (@atnfas_hoak)
UploaderAndroidDose Official
Updated12 July 2022
Download GB WhatsApp Apk For Android

Download GB WhatsApp Pro Apk For Android

App NameGBWhatsApp Pro
DeveloperAlexMods & HeyMods
UploaderAndroidDose Official
Updated12 July 2022
Download GB WhatsApp Pro Apk For Android

Download Page:

What’s New In GB WhatsApp v21.20.1?

The new GB WhatsApp update version 21.20.1 bring the following features:

  • – Allows users to post Extended 5-Minute Video Status instead of a 30-Second Status.
  • – Manage Multiple Accounts for the freedom of business and personal communication.
  • – Hide your Online Status to make your WhatsApp usage invisible.
  • – Built-in Status Downloader makes Status Download easy and rapid without third-party apps.
  • – React Emojis for quick message replies, saving time, and typing effort.
  • – The Live Location Sharing feature promotes strong communication.
  • – DND Mode allows you to control your privacy by disconnecting WhatsApp from the internet.

What’s New In GB WhatsApp Pro v19.60.1?

  • – Multiple Language Support for WorldWide Users.
  • – Increased Status Length to 5 Minutes Lengthy Videos.
  • – Added Message Reaction Emojis for Quick Replying.
  • – Customizable Notification Features.
  • – Fixed Play Protect Features For Androids.
  • – Fixed Cache Memory Crashes For Stability.
  • – Improved Chat Screen with Themes and Optimizations.
  • – Fixed App Freeze Issues for iOS.
  • – Added New Improvements for Battery Saving.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I download the latest version of GBWhatsApp and WhatsApp GB Pro?

You can easily download WhatsApp Pro GB for Android. To download the most recent updates for real GBWhatsApp and GB WhatsApp Pro, go to Then adhere to these guidelines:
1. Go to the AndroidDose official website for downloading the latest GBWhatsApp.
2. Then click on the “Download Page” button to open different versions.
3. The Download Page displays a list of the most recent GB WhatsApp and WhatsApp GB Pro updates.
4. You can download the latest version by clicking on the link.
5. There is no waiting or delaying because we use free rapid download links.
6. Once you click, your download will begin and will take approximately 50MB to complete.

How install WhatsApp Pro GB and GBWhatsApp?

Once you’ve downloaded the official Apk file from the AndroidDose website, installing the latest WhatsApp Pro and GB versions is simple. You can do that by following these steps:
1. Go to your Android Settings.
2. Navigate to the security options to enable “Unknown Sources.”
3. Move to your Download Folder in File Manager and search for GB WhatsApp Apk or Pro version.
4. Tap on the file to open it, again tap on the install button in the bottom right corner.
5. To finish the installations, press next after next and read all of the permissions.
6. Once installed, you can use the new GB WhatsApp on your device and enjoy new features.

How can I update my GBWhatsApp and GB WhatsApp Pro?

It is extremely simple; you have two options for updating your WhatsApp GB:
1. Use your installed GB WhatsApp and Pro version Settings to check for new updates.
2. Download and install the most recent GBWhatsApp version, which will replace your existing WhatsApp.
>The first option will direct you to the GBWhatsApp website for package download, as on-the-air updates are not permitted for mod apps.
>The second option is to go to the AndroidDose website for the most reliable way to get a recent version of GB WhatsApps with quick downloads.

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