How to Change NAT Type PC (Step by Step Guide)

To know how to change NAT Type PC, you have to ensure your NAT Type. Sometimes it is the connection, and sometimes it is because of different configurations. To know how to change NAT Type PC from “strict” to “open” typically requires port forwarding through the UPnP Gateway. Also, know that Open NAT is not for more than one PC or Console. It is the fastest network type you can use only for a single system.

How to Change NAT Type PC

Your internet modem or router is the typical barrier between your connection to the internet. Almost all of the internet modem has Network Address Translation Maps. This feature comes pre-loaded in devices, and it is convenient for local-level security.

Changing the NAT Type is needed when system connection errors occur on Games and Applications that run through an internet connection. It is the time when you had to change the Nat type of your router.

NAT is a multi-purpose network tool used for various purposes. It is used for managing Network Activity and keeps the IP address check.

Gamers like to bypass all the port forwarding to perform Multiplayer co-ops games on Xbox and PlayStation consoles. NAT is a user-friendly function of internet modems that can also hide the IP addresses on the network.

If you know your router configuration page, it will be effortless to change the Nat type. You can check your router home address on the modem’s backside, where the manufacturer mentions information about admin login and password.

If you could not find the addresses, use our effective methods of changing your Nat type on PC. We provide simple guides with short and easy steps for such technical issues.

You can follow our steps and change your NAT connection from Strict to Moderate, or leave it open for a better internet connection for online applications.

How do I Change my Nat Type to Open on PC

On the other hand, Moderate NAT is compatible with more than two PCs or console games: cold war and a warzone. NAT is a Network Address Translation implement, a security barrier on the IP level of your internet connection from the router. It passes internet traffic through secure channels to your ISP and connects you to the internet.

Its implementations are dependent on IP addresses, and an increase in the number of talks connected with a router can affect NAT behavior. Here is our most straightforward guide on changing the NAT type on PC, fixing various errors, and opening NAT for a better gaming experience.

Method1: Change NAT Type with CMD

  • You have to open the command prompt on your PC by searching for (cmd) in the Windows search box.
  • Open your pc command prompt as admin, type (ipconfig /all) without brackets, and press enter.
  • Find the tab with the name (Default Gateway) or (IPV4 Gateway).
  • Note the numbers in front of the default gateway tab that may look like this,
  • Now paste this number in your browser search bar and press the enter for search.
  • It will open your modem or router’s home page, also known as the router’s configuration page.
  • It will ask for admin login and password, fill the login box and continue.
  • Now find the (Administration) tab and enable the mention of the setting as (UPnP).
  • Save the settings and exit, then reboot the router.

Method2: Change NAT Type with Port Forward

  • Before you begin, check your router model number, login, and the ports used for the game; console.
  • It is necessary to know information for this method to work without any effort.
  • Go to the homepage of your router that is also known as the configuration page.
  • Log in with your password and find the Port Forward option from the settings menu.
  • Then enter the ports of the game you play and fill in the IP address.
  • It will ask for selection, which device you want to approve or select.
  • Select the desired device and then choose UDP and TCP options.
  • Now save the settings and exit, then reboot the modem.

Method3: Change my Nat type from moderate to open on PC

These are the most advanced methods for changing NAT Type for the latest Cold War and Call of Duty/COD Warzone and COD Modern Warfare (COD MW) games.

You can use these methods to choose the applications you wanted to use NAT Open fast connection. Nat Type Open is the best option for Gamers who need the best performance. It can be the best change Nat type Call of Duty Modern Warfare PC.

The most demanding type is NAT open for online gaming on PC and various game consoles such as the Play Station and Xbox’s. You are gaining access to the best and fast internet connection for the performance of your games.

It will drastically improve online games’ performance by reducing pings and fewer lags, and fewer loading times. Make this the most beneficial for multiplayer co-op games like Warzone.

Step1: Simple Firewall Reset

  • You have to press down Windows key+R to open the run prompt.
  • Type the command (firewall. CPL) and then enter.
  • It will open the Windows Firewall control panel home.
  • Now click on Restore Defaults from the menu to reset network settings.
  • After that, when you launch any application, allow it on Public and Private networks.

Step2: Use and Set Up Static IP

  • Make your IP static for NAT to configure it fast.
  • Random or Dynamic IP set as default in most routers.
  • Static IP Address features more performance with the default settings.
  • Do it and see the results.

Step3: IP Port Forwarding

You can find your IP by merely going to your router home page. It is implemented on every router back as it requires the user to login with an admin password. Make a note of your IP and login to your router home page.

  • Go to your browser and type your router home page like this,
  • Fill in the login information and press enter.
  • Find the Port Forward option from the menu.
  • Enter ports you use for the game, then the IP address.
  • Select the device and choose UDP and TCP options.
  • TCP port number for port forwarding: 3074, 27014-2705o.
  • UDP port number for port forwarding: 3074, 3478, 4379-4380, 27000-27031, 27036.

Method4: Change NAT Type Using PortForward Software

This method we provide is a Windows-based process, and it requires you to download a network port forwarding software. It is a premium paid tool, which also provides a free trial. So you can use only the trial version to do the process.

Change my Nat type from Strict PC

A PortForwarding utility tool is a handy software for changing NAT Type from Strict to Open on PC. In the trial version, one of the features you can use is the test port functions.

Using this, you can test your ports and quickly find the NAT Type, whether Open, Strict, or Moderate. The Port Checker can also implement your UDP and TCP ports manually.

I can set up the Static IP with simple clicks and forwards TCP and UDP ports. The Port Finder feature of the tool is useful for opening any Application seemingly on random UDP ports without changing the IP status.

You can also put the UDP port number from 28950 to 28950 range and 3074. To use open NAT on your IPV4 address. Now restart your router for changes.

Method5: Change NAT Type with VPN Software

Usually, NAT deals with firewalls and functions as an external gate to recognize the number of computers or devices on its network. It only assigns for limit or controlling the (traffic) number of public IP addresses.

NAT controls the device’s IPs and currently using on a local level in all the network devices. It is necessary for you when setting up a server; you need to set up the NAT type as to allow connectivity from various ports.

Using a VPN is also beneficial for changing the NAT Type as it bypasses the firewall’s data restrictions. The virtual private network can a way of avoiding the firewall on NAT connection.

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