How To Find Lost AirPods That Are Offline AirPods Pro/Max with iPhone/Android 2022

Apple provided us with several ways for tracking down the missing AirPods with locations, but how to find lost AirPods that are offline? For such a case, a simple approach can lead you to the AirPods position with its last known location on a map where you can use the sound pending feature, which normally displays on the screen of the connected device to play sound from offline AirPods to expose the location.

If your AirPods are completely charged, you should be able to locate them online or offline using the Find My tool on your iPhone, iPad, Mac, or Android. Even if it is a difficult task locating missing offline AirPods, you can attempt these measures and hope that no one has stolen them from the lost locations.

How To Find Lost AirPods That Are Offline? Simple Trouble Solving Steps

How To Find Lost AirPods That Are Offline
How To Find Lost AirPods That Are Offline

If both pods or a single pod is out of the case and laying on a surface it will be an ideal configuration for Bluetooth tracking with the Find My app, due to the pod’s ability to connect wirelessly with Bluetooth and catch radio signals from over 50 feet radius, you can easily find lost AirPods with Find My tool assistance, it is a helpful application that solves such depressing situations at a personal degree of effort.

If you see “No location discovered” or “No connection Offline” for your AirPods in the Find My app, you won’t be able to play a sound to locate them, but you may be able to receive instructions on the area where they were last connected. Here, is how you can make use of the last location.

  • Access to the Find My or log into
  • Then, look into Apple connected devices list.
  • Click on the Airpods to see its most recent known location on a map.
  • Tap “Directions” if you want to navigate directly to that location.

Find Your Lost AirPods Offline Not showing Last Location

If this occurs, your AirPods are dead, out of Bluetooth range, or offline, it will be impossible to retrieve them from the pit of an unknown location without getting them online the remote sound play feature will not work and you couldn’t see the active locations either.

There are two ways to handle such situations;

Find My AirPods Offline

When we misplace or lose our iPhone, the ‘Find My’ tool assists us in locating and returning the missing Apple iPhone by displaying its location. Similarly, if our AirPods are misplaced, we can use the Find My AirPods feature, which shows us the last location of our AirPods when they were online or connected to a device.

The final location is useful for finding your AirPods in a nearby area where they have been marked on the map. If your AirPods become offline for any reason, you can tap them to see their last known location. This tells you where you last used your AirPods, which is a good place to start looking for them.

The map will not show the exact location when your AirPods are offline, instead highlight an area for you to look for yourself. You can go there on your own to search the area and retrieve your AirPods.

Find My Not Showing Last Location of AirPods

When ‘Apple Find My’ isn’t useful for showing the last location of AirPods, it’s a ‘do it yourself’ scenario and an effort to find your lost AirPods. It is the case when you can sit down and reflect on your day, where you went, and how long you stayed.

When you know where you went and accidentally misplaced your AirPods, you can go back and find your missing pods from that location. The only effective solution for locating your lost AirPods offline is to reconsider your previous actions.

How to Find Lost AirPods that are Offline Android

Finding a lost iPhone or iPad is a piece of cake thanks to the Find My feature on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. It is also the case with lost AirPods; if you have misplaced them, you can easily locate them using the Find My location tracking feature. Unfortunately, the app is not compatible with Androids to trace the location of misplaced AirPods.

However, we have discovered a solution that allows both iOS and Android device users to recover their lost AirPods with a single tool, Wunderfind App. It is a simple tool that uses Bluetooth range-finding technology to locate lost headphones using wireless signals.

You can use your Device as a Radar with Wunderfind App

You can use your Device as a Radar with Wunderfind App

The specialty of the Wunderfind App is to turn your Android device into radar for AirPods. To make it work you can go to the location where you might think of losing your Airpods. If you want to find a single AirPod, you must first put the other one in its case.

But if you have lost both of them then you can start your search for missing pods with these steps.

Steps to locate Airpods with Wunderfind App Distance Score.

  • Launch the app from your Android or iPhone.
  • Choose the type of headphones you want to find.
  • Move to the area where you believe you have lost your pods.
  • Your phone will begin to display the distance score.
  • The higher the score displayed on your device, the closer you get to your AirPods.
  • When a range is less the 60 feet you will be able to play remote sound from Airpods by pressing the ‘play sound’ button.
  • It is useful when you have found the location but there are too many things to discover the exact position.
  • You can use the ‘play sound’ button to help you locate your pods.
  • They will begin to produce a loud beep sound that can be easily traced for location.
  • When you hear the pods, you can now easily retrieve the lost AirPods.
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