Simple Trick on How To Screen Record On iPhone 12 Pro Max

Screen recording your iPhone 12 Pro MAX is easy with several new apps available at the App Store with free and paid subscriptions. it is necessary to consider the best options when you want to record your iPhone screen in a video format for Youtube tutorials and share it on internet platforms or email yours relates for helping with certain procedures. Here in this article, we can help you with the process, how to screen record on iPhone 12 Pro Max at the highest resolutions without any billing.

How To Screen Record On iPhone 12 Pro Max

How To Screen Record On iPhone 12 Pro Max
How To Screen Record On iPhone 12 Pro Max

The currently rolling iOS 15 for iPhone 12 Pro Max will be an extremely useful upgrade for all the new features, performance, and stability of screen recording with audio functions. Although it is possible to record your iPhone with a built-in screen recording feature that Apple introduced for easy access, with basic functions, it lacks certain features and options for great clips.

Mobile gamers and people with YouTube channels are wondering how to create screen recording videos and capture sound on iPhone without compromising the quality? Well, you are heard and here you will learn how to activate screen recording on iPhone 12 Pro Max with sound. Although it depends on your choice what we suggest are lovely options to consider for capturing your iPhone 12 Pro Max at very high resolutions for sharing your feeds on Instagram or making how-to clips for explaining the usage of certain applications.

How to screen record on iPhone 12 Pro Max with Sound (Built-in iOS Recorder)

Screen Record On iPhone

At first, we have to navigate to Settings to set up screen recording on iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Screen Record On iPhone

In the Settings go to the “Control Center” and enter “Customise Controls.”
Here you need to find the screen recording feature on iPhone 12 Pro Max by scrolling down the list.

Screen Record On iPhone

To add a screen recording option to quick menu you can tap the plus sign to the left of the feature.

Screen Record On iPhone

Now you can have a screen recording button (icon) in the Control Center.

Screen Record On iPhone

To access Control Center in iPhone 12 you can swipe right from the bottom side to the top.

Screen Record On iPhone

Now anytime when you tap on the round screen recording icon from the Control Center you can capture your iPhone screen at full length (resolutions).

Screen Record On iPhone

After such set up you can tap on the recording button and it will countdown for 3-second to begin screen recording with audio.
For choice, you can capture the screen with audio and also record the phone’s display without audio.

Screen Record On iPhone

Enabling audio settings will add sound to your screen recording on iPhone.
You can add audio by tap and hold your finger for 4 seconds on the screen recorder icon from
the Control Panel.

It will pop up additional settings on the screen that you can turn on microphone audio for the screen recording feature to capture your voice or internal app’s audio.
By doing so your iPhone 12 Pro Max will be able to capture audio when screen recording your clips.

Screen Record On iPhone

When you are all set for making up the settings, you can tap on the ‘Start Recording’ button to begain your recording session on your iPhone and iPad.

Screen Record On iPhone

To close the recording, you can tap on the red circle to stop the recording from Control Center.

Screen Record On iPhone

A notification will appear ‘Screen Recording video saved to Photos’ which also option an immediate access by tapping ‘Now’, it makes you view your iPhone 12 Pro Max screen recordings.

Alternative Method of iPhone Screen Recording

How to screen record on iPhone 13 Pro Max with Sound (iOS Recorder Apps)

When your requirements are more than just screen recording with audio on iPhone Pro Max then you should try third-party Apps for additional features. There are several of them and all have a bunch of options for tutorial assistance, Youtube video making, and capturing high-resolution screen footage for social media platforms.

TechSmith Capture and Record it, Apps are two major contenders of advanced screen recording on iPhone 12 Pro Max and newer iPhone 13 Pro Max with additional features. These include the ability to capture gameplay with the highest framerates such as PUBG, Fornite, and COD mobile, etc.

Techies like me will love to hear about presentations and tutorials clips making features that are not present in the default iOS screen recorder. If you are in need of more advanced screen recording options you can turn to your iPhone App Store and install one of these Apps to benefit your clips.

How to record video while playing music iPhone 12 Pro Max

It is simple enough that anyone understands, no need for special apps and tricks. The default music app and camera app are enough to provide you with background music video while shooting video on your iPhone 12 Pro Max. The practice needs you to follow these steps.

  • Turn on a track on the Apple Music app or start listening to YouTube Music.
  • While the music track is playing in the background you need to access the Camera app.
  • You need to switch Photo mode to a video recording by holding the shutter button or sliding it to the right lock icon for stable video recording.
  • Your iPhone will begin video recording along with your music in the background.
  • When finished you can press the stop button to save the video recordings and close the music track.


The article is a tutorial for those who want to learn how to screen record on iPhone 12 Pro Max with simple steps. Screen recording your iPhone 12 Pro Max using the latest iOS feature is one way of getting used to creative walkthrough videos, tutorials, and even live videos for sharing online. Hopefully, the instructions are easy to follow and assist you well with the iPhone screen recording feature.

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