Lost Firestick Remote, Check Alternatives and App

Lost FireStick remote or Forget where you last put it? Don’t worry, there are numerous ways to configure and control Firestick without a remote. How do you connect if you’ve lost or misplaced your Firestick remote?

My direct response is to look into your smartphone and use it as a tool to help you overcome the missing remote situation. You should install the Amazon Fire Stick app to use your phone as a remote control for the Fire TV.

In this article, I’ll walk you through the Tips and Solutions for dealing with lost Firestick remote situations and finding temporary or permanent replacements.

Lost Firestick Remote

The missing Fire Stick remote is a common problem for Fire TV owners. If you own a FireStick device, then you know how frustrating it can be if you lose your FireStick remote.

Your entertainment will be spoiled if you can’t navigate the TV app or change a program, and even lower or raise the volume without the remote.

It could be possible that you have lost the Fire Stick remote by yourself and forgot where you put it last time or someone else in the home took it away from the place where it was last placed.

Anyway, don’t panic, chances are high that you will be satisfied with the following tips and solutions that will take your worries away and keep your entertainment going.

However, if you want a permanent solution right away, you need to buy a new remote. You can easily find a new Fire TV remote on Amazon that is quite affordable, but if you want to watch your favorite TV shows without a remote and are looking for alternative solutions.

You are in the right place here are the tips on how to find your lost amazon Fire Stick at home?

10 Methods For Locating Lost Firestick Remote

Locating Lost Firestick Remote
  • The first step to finding your misplaced Firestick remote is to search your sofa, cabinetry, or hutch where your television is located.
  • Most of the time, your remote is probably close to the television area; even though it is small, it does not move around and end up in your pocket.
  • You can thoroughly inspect the television furniture, drawers, tables, and nearby locations for possible clues.
  • Explore the surroundings of your bed and sitting area, probably look under the furniture where your remote might be hidden from your sight.
  • Usually, remote controls are stuck beneath sofas and TV couches, so look around and move some pillows and cushions.
  • If you’re lying in bed watching TV, shake the blanket and bedsheets to look for spaces where things usually disappear without your noticing.
  • Look around the other rooms, particularly the adjacent ones, as someone in the house has most likely misplaced the remote.
  • You should ask your family members (households) and friends about the remote control to see if they have any leads.
  • When elders have no leads on the remote, children may be able to solve your problem. You can investigate kids as they are the best little whisperers (spies) around the house.
  • The smart technique to find your lost Firestick remote is to create a mental picture of your home and think about the places where your remote might be and try to remember the last time you used the remote and where you put it back.

The (8) Easiest Workarounds To Control Fire Stick Without Remote

Looking for ways to control Fire Stick without remote? There are several ways that you can add the functionality of the remote to your Fire TV Stick without the Amazon Firestick remote.

Down there are some of the best options (alternatives) for adding remote control functionality to the Fire Stick that you can use to make up for the lack of a Firestick remote and cheer up the situation.

1. Install The Fire Stick Remote App On Your Phone (iOS/Android)

Install The Fire Stick Remote App On Your Phone

When you are at home and want to operate your Firestick without a remote, your phone can provide useful assistance by allowing operations of your Fire Stick without the physical remote controller. The Fire Stick remote app is the best app for lost Firestick remote situations as an alternative virtual remote that works.

You can get Fire Stick remote app for Android and iPhone to navigate and control the FireStick with a WiFi connection. If you’re on the same Wi-Fi network as your Fire Stick, you should be able to connect the Fire TV remote app to your FireStick straightforward.

Notice: Because the Amazon Fire TV control app uses a wireless connection particularly a WiFi network connection. It makes no difference whether your phone has an Infrared blaster (IR blaster) or not. Any Android and iPhone can connect to the FireStick. You are free to try out the connection.

Simple Steps To Operate Your FireStick From Phone

Operate Your FireStick From Phone

To operate your Firestick with the remote app these are the following guidelines that you can follow for a smooth experience. This is how to connect Fire Stick to WiFi without a remote and even get through the initial Fire Stick setup without a remote.

  • Grab your iPhone or Android mobile phone and search for “Amazon Fire TV App” on Google Play and Apple App Store.
  • When you have installed the required Fire TV app on your mobile phone device.
  • Make sure your phone and Fire Stick are on the same WiFi network as it eas the pairing process with a login.
  • If this is not possible, you will be prompted to enter your Amazon account and password to Sign in to the app.
  • Then launch the Fire TV app and choose the option, select devices, and then connect to the Fire TV Stick.
  • It will require you to enter the four-digit PIN that will be displayed on your Fire TV.
  • You can look at your TV display and enter “Fire TV remote app connection request code” as it is displayed on the TV screen.
Fire TV remote app connection request code
  • It will quickly establish the connection between your phone remote app and your Fire Stick TV.
  • Now your app will display controls that allow seamless interaction for streaming your FireStick.
  • The digital remote app will provide different sets of functions that you can use for controlling your FireStick.

Following Are The Features Of Amazon Fire Stick App

The free Amazon Fire TV mobile app is available for the Apple iOS, Android, and Fire OS phones and tablets. It is compatible to connect with all Fire TV devices and enhances the Fire TV experience with simple navigation as a digital remote. These are the main perks of digital remote that everyone should have known.

  • Playback Controls for Fire TV, Fire TV Stick, and Fire TV streaming media players.
  • Simple Navigation and EAsy User Interface (UI).
  • Voice Search (Not available in all Countries).
  • Keyboard (Simple Text Entry).
  • Quick Access to Settings (Apps and Games).

2. Solution: When Fire Stick Not Connected To WiFi (Same Network) And Lost Remote

When Fire Stick Not Connected To WiFi

When you have forgotten or lost the Fire Stick while on a different network, such as when you are away from home and gathering at a friend’s house. This will require you to mimic your home network for the FireStick, which allows the FireStick to work with the phone remote app.

Because FireStick remembers your home wireless network as the default connection and unless reset, it does not allow other network connections for security reasons. Since you are not going to rest your ForeStick creating a Hotspot connection for FireStick is the legitimate solution.

Requirements To Connect Amazon Fire Stick To Mobile Hotspot Without Remote

  • Two phones or (smart devices) are required for the operation.
  • One act as a Hotspot.
  • Another used as a remote with Fire TV mobile app.

Guidelines For Setting Up Fire Stick Connection Without The Remote

Setting Up Fire Stick Connection Without The Remote

A mobile Hotspot can help you to set up a Fire Stick connection from your Windows 11 laptop, MacBook, Android phone, or iPhone. You can use any available IoT device that can provide hotspot functionality in addition to your phone to run the application and follow these steps.

  • You can begin by creating a new Hotspot and renaming it with the name of your home WiFi network such as (‘GrannyHouseWiFi’)
  • Make sure you have created an exact copy of your home network with a similar SSID, and add the same password.
  • Now you can reconnect and turn on your FireStick to the TV and it will automatically connect to your Hotspot network.
  • After that, you need to connect your phone that has the Fire TV app installed to the same Hotspot.
  • When your phone is paired up with Firestick, you can use the Amazon Fire TV app as ít is described earlier.

3. Use Your Smart TV Remote As An Alternative Controller For Firestick

Use Your Smart TV Remote As An Alternative Controller For Firestick

It is obvious that you are using your FireStick with a TV, whether it is a Smart TV or not, it has a remote of its own. If it does, then you can get along with this solution and end up using your TV remote with your FireStick. It will become possible with the feature called (HDMI CEC) that is placed in almost all of the brand’s TV.

To elaborate on “HDMI CEC”, you have probably understood the term “HDMI” which is your TV port where your FireStick rest to make a connection with the TV and display visuals and audio. While “CEC” is the (Consumer Electronics Control) feature that allows the HDMI port to essentially provide an interface for the controlling of multiple devices connected to your TV’s HDMI port.

Down there is the list provided for naming order of every major TV brand that you can check for knowing your TV settings. You can tell every brand has a different approach for naming the “HDMI CHC” feature and referring to their brand-specific titles.

TV Brands And Their HDMI CHC Feature

SamsungAnynet, Anynet+
SonyBravia Sync, Bravia Link
Roku TV(CEC)
PanasonicViera Link, EZ-Sync, HDAVI Control
PhilipsEasyLink, Fun-Link
ToshibaRegza Link, CE-Link
PioneerKuro Link
AnthemCEC Control
SharpAquos Link
DenonCEC, HDMI Control

Now you have got an idea of what is your TV settings for (HDMI CHC) for the TV remote to work with Firestick. Down there is a step-by-step simulation for approaching your TV setting and turning on the functionality for HDMI CHC.

Guidelines To Enable HDMI CEC On Your Samsung, Vizio, and Roku TV

You can say that “HDMI CEC” lets you control Amazon Fire Stick with a TV remote control when you have enabled the HDMI CEC on your TV. It’s simple and you can do that by following these steps.

Pair Samsung Smart TV Remote With FireStick

Pair Samsung Smart TV Remote With FireStick

You need to follow up with the given steps to use Samsung Smart TV remote as a remote for Amazon Fire Stick. The procedure is working for all the Samsung TVs.

  • First, disconnect the FireStick from your TV HDMI port.
  • Take your Samsung TV remote in hand and navigate to the Settings.
  • Select General, then External Device Manager.
  • Here enable the Anynet+ option that is the Samsung branding for (HDMI-CEC).

Easy Pairing Procedure For Vizio Smart TV’s

Easy Pairing Procedure For Vizio Smart TV’s
  • From the menu of your Vizio TV.
  • Go to the Settings and select System.
  • Here enable the CEC option from Vizio remote.

Pairing FireStick Remote To Roku TV

Pairing FireStick Remote To Roku TV
  • Press the Home button.
  • Go to the Roku TV Settings.
  • Select “System” then select option “control other devices.”
  • You will see the option 1-touch play which is the branded form of (HDMI CEC).
  • Now check the box to enable 1-touch play to control Roku with the TV remote.

4. Use Your Old FireStick Remote Or Another Fire Stick’s Remote

Use Your Old FireStick Remote

The good thing about the Firestick is being compatible with the previous generation remotes. This means you could have paired an old Firestick remote for usage when you have lost the new FireStick remote. Using an old remote with the latest Fire TV Stick 4k only differentiates with lacking key buttons that are added to the latest Amazon FireStick remotes.

Such as power button, volume, and mute, but everything else is in the same layout. When you’re going to use the last-gen remote you will need to reset the remote for pairing with Fire TV Stick. Here is a simple guide on how to reset the Firestick remote? and sync your old firestick remote to your current FireStick.

Procedures To Pair Your Old Remote To Your Fire TV

Method 1:

Pair Your Old Remote To Your Fire TV

First (Quick) method of simply pairing your old remote with your Fire Stick.

  • Either plug-out and plugin firestick or turn it off and then turn on your FireStick.
  • Grab your old remote and hold down the home key for 10-20 seconds until it starts blinking.
  • It will automatically pair your remote and works without any additional tools.
  • Just make sure the remote is closer to the FireStick to automatically pair up.

Method 2:

The second method is a step-by-step pairing of an old remote with an Amazon Fire Stick.

  • First, you need to install the Amazon Fire TV app for digital remote to connect your phone with FireStick.
  • Then you can follow the steps and add your old remote to the Fire Stick.
install the Amazon Fire TV app
  • To do so, navigate to the Fire TV settings and select the option “Controllers & Bluetooth Devices.”
Controllers & Bluetooth Devices
  • After that choose the option “Amazon Fire TV Remotes” from the given list.
Amazon Fire TV Remotes
  • Then select “Add Old Remote” and follow the given visuals from the screen.
  • The instructions suggest pressing and holding down the SELECT key of the old remote for around 10 seconds.
  • Doing so Fire Stick will recognize the old remote and add it to the list of known remotes.
  • Your FireStick has the capacity to pair up to seven Fire TV remotes including old and new Fire TV remotes.

5. Use Fire TV Stick with Bluetooth PlayStation or Xbox Game Controller’s

FireStick has options for selecting wireless controllers such as PlayStation or Xbox Game Controller to act as a remote. The connection feature is available in Remotes and Bluetooth Devices, where you can select and add your PlayStation or Xbox Game Controller. Down below are the step you can follow for seamless pairing of game controllers with Amazon FireStick.

Steps to Pair PS4 Controller With Fire Stick

Pair PS4 Controller With Fire Stick
  • First, you have to power down your PlayStation 4 controller.
  • Now you need to press and hold the “PlayStation button” and the “Share button” at the same time for about 4 seconds.
  • You will notice pairing mode when the top bar starts flashing.
  • For the next step, you need to navigate FireStick settings.
  • It will be easy if you already have a phone app remote or borrowed remote to navigate Fire TV settings.
navigate FireStick settings
  • When you have a remote then open the Fire TV settings and go to the “Remotes & Bluetooth Devices.”
Remotes & Bluetooth Devices.”
  • Select the option Add New Game Controller, it will be “Wireless Controller” for PS.
  • Wait for couple of seconds and the PS5 or PS4 Wireless Controller will be connected to your Fire TV.
  • Now you can use the PlayStation controller as an alternative remote to your Fire Stick.

Steps to Pair Fire Stick Xbox One Controller

Steps to Pair Fire Stick Xbox One Controller
  • You need a similar approach for the Xbox controller as it is done for PlayStation.
  • First, turn off your Xbox console and remove it from the power source.
  • Then turn off the Xbox One controller and do as follows.
  • Press and hold the “Xbox button” while also pressing the “Syncing button” from the top.
  • It will take around 3 seconds and you will get the controller in pairing mode.
  • At this point, you will notice the XBox light starts flashing which indicates the Xbox controller is in pairing mode.
XBox light starts flashing
  • Now navigate to the Fire TV settings and open “Remotes & Bluetooth Devices” and select “Add New Game Controller.” option.
  • This will automatically pair the Xbox game controller and you should be able to use it as an alternative remote for Fire Stick.

6. Connect Amazon Fire Stick Keyboard And Mouse As Alternative Solution

Connect Amazon Fire Stick Keyboard

Fire Stick allows multiple options for connectivity and it counts both the wireless and wired connection. So when you are on the verge of not being able to cope with any of the above solutions.

Then you can probably attach your computer keyboard and mouse with the Fore Stock using and USB On the Go (OTG) adaptor.

7- Replace Your Lost Fire Stick Remote (Replacement Firestick Remote)

The techniques described above are the best ways to solve the lost Fire Stick remote problem; however, if you want a permanent solution, firestick remote replacement is an option.

The lost Fire TV remote is currently one of the most prevalent difficulties with Fire TV devices, and due to the tiny structure, it will sneak out of your sight in no time when you have parties or a large family in the house.

You can order a Firestick remote replacement on Amazon to get a new remote for your Fire Stick as a replacement solution. When you have got your replacement remote for Fire TV you should follow a simple procedure for pairing a replacement remote to your Fire TV.

How To Add A Replacement Remote With Amazon Fire TV Stick Without The Old One

When you have no old remote to add a new remote to Fire Stick, you can use your Amazon Fire TV app from your phone. This is simple and you can check the above solution to read thoroughly about the procedure. Now you have installed the app on your phone, let’s follow the guidelines.

Step by Step Amazon Fire Stick Remote Instructions For Adding New Remote

  • To add your new Fire TV remote you can go to the Fire TV settings menu.
  • Then select the option “Controllers & Bluetooth Devices.”
Controllers & Bluetooth Devices
  • It will list several options that you can scroll down to select “Amazon Fire TV Remotes.”
  • This option allows “Pair, unpair and updates your Amazon Fire TV remotes.”
Pair, unpair and updates your Amazon Fire TV remotes
  • You need to select the “Add New Remote” option, which will bring a visual guide on the screen.
  • Follow up the instructions and press and hold down the home key of the new remote for around 10 seconds.
  • Now, the Fire Stick will recognize the new remote and pair it automatically.

In Closing

Well, I think that would be it for now. All you’ve read is a compilation of the greatest solutions to your “Lost Firestick Remote” problem, along with various alternatives and permanent solutions.

It contains hints for locating the misplaced remote and then getting creative with useful alternatives available in your surroundings. Among the many options, you may select the one that best fits your situation and make it work by following the guidelines.

I hope this blog has been of great assistance to you, and I appreciate your visit. If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments section below, and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you for your time.

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