Nvidia Control Panel Missing Options (4 Easy Fixes)

Nvidia control panel missing options situation leads to tearing computers apart but hey, wait, there is a solution hidden in software. The majority of users will appreciate the effort to sharing the fix, as it is a pain for users who can’t find the graphics settings on PCs.

The missing graphics drivers can be an alarm of outdated drivers and could be drivers missing DLLs. There are several ways to initiate solutions. I’ve provided simple and easy fixes for the Nvidia GPU control panel missing display options and relative errors.

Nvidia Control Panel Missing Option

The common reason for Nvidia Control Panel missing display options is the Windows services. With the latest Windows ten updates, the display drivers cause irregular crashes and sometimes miss all the panel options. The normal fix is to restart the device and let windows fix the issue.

But here in our solution, the display driver s are the key to fix this issue. It will require a simple click-and-do step for restarting the drivers without changing anything on the PC. The process is straightforward; focus on steps, and make the same a mention in a quick fix.

A Quick Fix

  • Press Win + X and click on the Device Manager listed in front of you.
  • Or type in Win Search, Device Manager, and open the list.
  • Click on it, and it will appear as the driver’s repository of your PC.
  • Here goto Display Adapters and select your Nvidia GPU Drivers.
  • Now for a quick fix, Right-click on it and select Disable.
  • It will Disable your current display drivers.
  • Now Enable it, and it will fix your Driver Missing Option issue.
  • For better results, restart the PC, and the control panel will be fixed.

Nvidia Control Panel is Missing from Windows 10

The GeForce Experience is held responsible for such drivers conception, but it is the same thing to modify Graphics settings. Many users face the Missing of the Nvidia Control Panel; it causes a new security update implemented by Microsoft Windows 10.

The reason is Nvidia control panel is missing after Windows 10 update. Many users likely selected the option of getting GPU Drivers updates with new Windows updates. It is likely the main issue of facing missing drivers.

Because all GPU Drivers are not the same and only GeForce Experience and official Nividia.com can get you official working drivers for your GPU. In our opinion, here are some of the reasons that lead to the control panel missing occasion.

Wrong Drivers

The control pane of GPU is the main hub of all its 3D settings; users can change and modify all sorts of settings for better and optimize certain applications’ performance.

It is excruciating when gamers can’t find the control panel, even after updating the drivers. I think wrong drivers are the common reason for such an issue.

To avoid wrong drivers, there are two simple solutions that you can follow and get the right drivers for your GeForce GPU. The cause of the missing control panel after installing new display drivers could cause issues.

The wrong driver installation can also be the cause if you follow our simple guide and download the GPU’s official drives.

Nvidia GeForce Experience

The simple and easy method to get the latest drivers automatically is the GeForce Experience Application. It is a totally free application. You can get it from Nvidia officials.

It will serve you as assistance for driver updates and maintain different program requirements and profile the graphics settings for apps as it finds optimization fits the most.

In simple words, it a maintenance tool for Graphics Cards. GeForce Experience automatically notified you when a new version of Graphics Driver is available.

It will automatically update your Nvidia drivers without your help of tangling the wrong drives from a third-party website. It has APIs and configurations your system configurations.

Which can find the system requirements and then download directly from the vendors as the GPU chipset requires. It is a simples way of getting new drivers and being safe from wrong, tempered drivers.

Straight From Manufacturer Official Website

The second most common way of getting the original drivers is the official manufacturer website. It is obliged for manufacturers to deliver the latest drivers for their products, in case PCs, Laptops, and GPU units.

You can check out your graphic vendor’s official page and search for your device that in case GPU, PC, or Laptop with Nvidia Graphics, and download the drivers.

It will be the easiest way after the GeForce Experience because it does not require you to check Graphics’ properties and select the type and version.

It only asks for your device’s match with Graphics and provides downloads of the drivers you can install on your PC.

Nvidia.Com Drivers

This is the most trusted and manual way of getting the latest drivers from your GPU. Go to the official Nvidia.com and select the Drivers tab. It will take you to the driver’s selection page to choose the drivers you need for the GPU you are using.

Because they have lots of products and different types of drivers, it will be hard for new users to download GPU drivers properly.

First, get to know your GPU properties as a requirement; you can do that by typing ‘msconfig‘ in windows run. Just like that, press Win + R and type the MSConfig command.

It will show all your PC and GPU drivers’ full names, VRAM, and some other properties that will help you get through driver selection. After finding what your GPU is, continue to steps.

On the Nvidia Driver Downloads page, choose the requirements you find fit for your GPU. For instance, please select a product type, select which series it belongs to, and then the operating system.

Because it matters for drivers to run according to the selected operating system, now for usage- choose whether you use the Graphics card for Gaming (GRD) or Studio work (SD) like designing 3D auto Cads and other professional works.

It is a new option added by the developer for ease of use, which let Graphics cards perform optimally in both scenarios as in general, people get a studio edition card like the Titan series for Studio works, now normal cards will do the work at a fairly optimized level of performance.

At the end of the selection list, it will ask for Language selection, which will let you edit your selected language settings. All in all, your choice ended, and it will get you a download and now install the drivers on your PC free from any errors.

Nvidia Control Panel Missing Bug Fix

A convenient tool from Nvidia Graphics is missing what I do to get it back on my PC. Not to freak, here is a bug fix that helps bring back the control panel and make it error-free for sure.

As the graphics control lets us modify Games, its absences make the device’s graphic settings troubling the mainstream performance. For a whole solution, it will be beneficial for your time to read all the fixes.

Do not blame you for the missing panel settings; it just software can be fixed in different ways, some tricks, and updates. Many Operating System bugs affect Graphics drivers.

And some of the results showing the use of disguised hacked software causes GPU issues that work in a missing control panel.

The use of outdated Graphics Drivers is another cause of this issue, and also the unofficial applications used to modify GPU settings can cause the problem.

For any reason related to Graphics drivers, the software will be fixed with a manual installation of drivers. But first, it needed to be fully clean out the drivers from the registry.

Though it requires manual fixes, you have to perform some modifications for proper dealing with the GPU driver’s issues.

DDU Fix for Nvidia Control Panel Missing

As Graphics Drivers are merged into the core of the system to render all sorts of Visuals, they certainly make a place in Registry and Operating System Services. Even the official way of uninstalling does not help to remove specific leftover files from Registry and Services.

It will require some powerful tools to properly remove all the leftover files of GPU drivers’ existence from the system. This way, installing new GPU drivers will adequately work and show all the Control Panel settings without errors.

The DDU fix plays a vital role in making this happen. It is a display driver uninstaller application from a third party, but it is recognized as a reliable way of performing graphics driver uninstallation.

Display Driver Uninstaller designed to remove your graphics card drivers that might cause a problem in your PC. Download it from the official GitHub site and then Extract it on your PC.

After that, follow the steps as I perform as it is an advanced program for uninstalling drivers; you need to pay attention, not to any further issues.

Before beginning our method, turn on the Safe Mode in Windows as it is recommended to adequately uninstalled the Graphics drivers from your PC.

Windows Safe Mode

Windows Safe Mode
  • First, Restart your PC and when Windows Sign In screen appears.
  • Hold the shift button and select the Restart option from the Power Menu.
  • The selection will take you to Windows Troubleshoot settings.
  • Select the Troubleshoot option and then click on Advanced options.
  • Here you see more recovery options; select the Startup Option Settings.
  • Now, as Windows demonstrate, press the Restart button.
  • Now press the number that is mention with Standard Safe Boot.
  • It will get you to Windows Safe Mode.

DDU Unistallion Method

  • In the Safe Mode, click on the DDU application that you extracted on your PC.
  • It shows three main options and one additional circumstance for the uninstallation of Drivers.
  • You must select the first Recommended option saying Clean and Restart Option else it might cause a problem.
  • Select this option and wait for DDU to remove the GPU drivers along with cache and residential files.
  • When it finishes the Uninstallation, it will automatically Restart the PC.
  • Now you can install the newly download drivers of your Nvidia GPU for a fresh experience.
  • It will be no issue remaining after performing such a complete uninstallation process.


If you have any remaining issues after performing DDU clean-up, then comment; I will make a fix for sure and guide you with the matter. In 99% of cases, this is the one BIg Fix for all Graphics drivers missing situations. I hope it fixes your PC and gets you out of trouble. If anyone hasn’t got the solution, how to fix Nvidia control panel missing options like adaptive vsync missing or only showing 3d settings. Simple uninstall the drivers completely and clean the remaining files from the C drive. Then held over guide from section Nvidia control panel DDU fix. It will solve the issue regarding the missing Nvidia panel.

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