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The Octosniff is a network research tool with IP sniffing features that has some incredible functionality for gamers playing online games. Octosniff is the biggest networking research tool, with packet sniffing elements better than Wireshark. It is the first-ever tool created to filter out data packets and decrypt usernames, IP’s and locations with ISP. It contains many other dynamic packet filters and custom packet filters included with usernames and IPs.


It is a powerful hacking solution for Xbox and Playstation gamers who wants to sniff IPs of other gamers. Suppose you want to know your game opponents, rival players, and their location and actual username. The Octosniff IP sniffer is the best tool designed for network research to find and capture all IPs on the game server.

You will be able to check the latency of your opponents very quickly. For security, it will shield you against DDoS attacks and protect you from other discords and make your privacy more deluge when gaming online.

The reason for this tool being so popular is the requirement of gamers. In online activities, players check the IP and other Players’ usernames on Xbox, Playstation for authentication. It works like a network research tool for Gamers to take the search to the next level.

To determine players’ authenticity and match information, many players prefer simple tools to do the work without them knowing. The Octo-sniff is an IP sniffing Tool sniff IP Addresses and allows users to check the IP of usernames of Players on Xbox, Xbox One, and Playstations.

Octosniff is a tool with multipurpose functionalities that can sniff your IP, username, and location with proper lookup. It allows other players to use it to hide as it contains protection against other sniffers and IP Resolvers like psn resolver and Xbox resolver.

Users of Xbox, PS, Xbox One, and Play Sation 3 & Playstation 4 are now adopting this handy tool. Remember, the software is not free and charges $35 for 1000 searches. The software needs to re-charge when all of the queries get utilized.

Its popularity is the user interface’s clean aesthetics, which pleases users to direct implementing the command. Other things matters are the top-notch features like decryption on all PS4 Username and Xbox One Usernames. Which is is very customizable and provides security from DDoS on your network. The free trial Octosniff also available for intrusted users.

The protection lookup is very appreciated, and everyone wants extra security from cyber affairs. The best and most appreciated feature of Octo-sniff software is the Premium Geo IP location lookup and undisturbed username lookup.

You can say that this is the best IP snipper tool with specific features. It will give you the IP address of over 1000 users with several other security features. The player’s most favorite IP hiding Internet Protocol software gives you the IPs of your favorite consoles.

Some People think this is the same as Wireshark, but this is way better than any IP finder software. It has some unique features that only it has, and no one can provide. Considered this, the 1st IP Sniffer can sniff IPs from PS3, PS4, XBOX 360, XBOX One & PC to optimize game connections.

Octo-sniff is premium software that works great top-tier features focus on protection and fixing the bad connection. These tools help you find player’s locations by network researching. Know that it only runs on Windows, not on Mac or Linux. It features a design to remove your gameplay liabilities and enhance them to increase wins!

IP Puller

IP Puller

IP Puller is known as an IP tracker used for many purposes and most commercial companies and big firms. But here we describe it for gamers, especially console gamers can find this very handy for finding other player’s IP addresses.

The IP Puller software measures latency used to check the game Player’s real IP addresses. IP is public knowledge of internet devices. It is the general location of all internet devices includes mobiles, cell phones, and many others.

Some IP Address Trackers like Octosniff are licensed solutions for user-friendly IP finders. In real IP, pullers are known to grab IP addresses from Xbox, PlayStation. You will found this tool powerful and easy for sniffing IP from gamers on Xbox and PlayStation.

OctoSniff is a network research tool made for address tracking. It could be used for enterprise-grade IP management work. Look for IPAM and IPAT made simple and provided the same features as IPAT plus all the IP addresses. It is for sizeable scalable enterprise work, and it needs more than Octosniif tools to digest all workload.

IPAM is lower IP management that minimizes network downtime through proactive alerting and troubleshooting capabilities. Leverage with the DHCP protocol, which is an essential dynamic IP address distribution system.

Integer with DNS monitoring makes this stay on top of changes and signaling issues from users to the programmer. Only proper authorities can do such a level of work, and it requires data facilitate to work more effectively on IP address allocations.

If a person wants to know its IP Address effortlessly from any internet-compatible device is type the MYIP in the search engine. It will show you the exact IP address assigned from your device, whether Android, IOS, or PC device. But this method is not capable of finding other player’s IPs. For that, you need IP Puller software.

There is IP Puller software uses in many scripts these days. Anyone can check its Network Router IP and the IP of devices on its own. Check the game player’s real IP addresses with just gamer tag using Xbox Resolver.

XResolver is an online script tool that shows you the complete real IP Address of that person with the username. Professional and regular gamers want o know the person they are playing with to understand a person’s authenticity, whether he or she is fake or not.

Sometimes people play e-sport games with fake names and join leagues. That is not appreciated, and therefore people often check the IPs of other players to clarify their doubts by IP Address and checking usernames. The first Octosniff signs in their account and then began the work.

Many Authorities of esports and online games championship developed Anti-cheat programs that are now working simultaneously in almost any online game, and titles have more strict programming against any cheats to ensure suitable e-sport matches.

They also make it possible to report such a person when players find him cheating or hacking the game. The program will report to the authorities and knock out that player from the game with a penalty. Players can also find GEO locations with IP Puller and report them to the Xbox or Play Stations.

Console Sniffer

To check the IP of gamers and players from the top consoles like Xbox and Play Stations. It would help if you had a gamer tag and IP sniffer software to show you the real IP Address and location of that player with a username.

The console sniffer uses an IP sniffer designed as Console Network Monitor Tool. It collects Gaming IPs and monitors all consoles Xbox Series X, Xbox One, Playstation 3, PS4, and PS5. Always up to date with the latest features for your PS security.

Console Sniffer is the better choice against Wireshark and captures IPs from Multiplayer Games. Get Usernames and IP Addresses with a simple click. The software is designed for Windows only and gets the work done. Octosniff free download and sniff IPs on your console.

No jailbreak is required to your console as it requires nothing to alter with your system too. It works completely fine on its own with the connection over WiFi/Wireless. The most used scenarios are
Grand Theft Auto 5 IP Pulling. Along with an official party chat and All series of Call of Duty Games.

Most commonly, the COD Black Ops, Minecraft, Dying Light, and Uncharted MP Series. It works on all console Xbox and PS4 with the latest patch. On the other hand, Octosniff is a perfect build fast research tool made for networking.

It is for network research that allows us to determine information about other game players. Simple setup, no cables required compatible with VPNs, and it works fine. It works with all the XBOX 360 & XBOX One consoles.

IP Sniffer PS4

IP Sniffer PS4

IP Sniffer PS4 is a New Online tool that resolves PS4 latency issues and network errors. It is also known as a resolver because resolving relative matters helps you resolve your PS4 IP issue.

It is a tool design to fix gamers’ IP Address demand on Playstation consoles. It allows gamers to input game tag to resolve the problem as long as the intended IP is on the database. Means players can determine other online players when playing Multiplayer with them.

Xresolver also lookup for problems and fix them automatically, and sniffs the IP details of the requested IP PThe The latest XResolver only works-to-date PS4 if you are looking for a tool that resolves PS4 issues and has easy-to-use features.

It is about PS4 and fixing IP addresses relative to the PS4 network. With this tool, anyone can quickly check complete Player information by using it on the PC. It gives details about player ISP, user name, location, and IP Address.

The Playstation 4 IP finder resolves IP issues with a quick error report. You are using network monitoring tools from every connection on your device. It will able to sniff and pull IP addresses for PS4 to locate, and track peoples the that helps you determine the exact location of players.

Microsoft officials will not offer these services to people playing online games. It is not fully official and requires an understanding of how a packet sniffer works at the end of the network. So you can able to packet sniff IPs by installing apps in the system.

The sniffer intercepts the network traffic, and data travels through a network in the form of packets. The PS4 Tool was made to help out these data packets to reach their intended destination to take care of these complicated problems on to take care of these complicated problems.

When sniffers intercept the network traffic, packet-switched networks so can be done the work. It is how data to be transmitted is broken down into several packets. Nowadays, there are so many tools to find the PS IP address and resolve the tags finder.

Gamertag Resolver

Octosniff helps Gamers in many ways to solve numerous problems like finding the Gamertag. We show you proper instructions you can follow to resolve your Gamertag Issues. Gamer Tag Resolver is a simple to use tool with accessible functions. You can submit the Gamertag, and it will return the IP Address of the Player in seconds.

The resolver is famous because it resolves issues related to Gamertag. If you find a problem like unable to find your Gamer tag, then open the App and Scan your Gamertag option or anything resembled to find profile, etc. choice. It will find your Gamertag and display it on the screen.

If you have any questions about Octosniff software, then write in the comments. We show you proper detailed instructions answers so you can follow steps to resolve your PlayStation Issues.

The Octosniff free trial tool is entirely free to download. Just get the application and use it on Windows PC. You will be able to resolve your Gamertag issues easy way. But many of the features were being locked, plus extra features are hiding out to support the paid version.

How to Pull IP on PS4

Gaming Octosniff comes very handily when it comes to stable latency networks for online MP games to run smoothly on an average network connection and provides security against attacks. It determines statistics about other players you are playing.

Then it measures latency and improves your gameplay. It works for both Sony and Microsoft consoles. Mostly Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, and PS4. This tool sniffs IPs from gamer’s networks along with information. It happens when all the players are in the lobby.

However, it can not pull usernames directly from systems but can capture IPs along with ISP with Geo locations. This way, you can instantly determine who is this player and who is that one without communicating with them.

The information collected about players can use as leverage and compete against them. You can either sign in to Octosniff or use the Octosniff free trial. On PS4, you will able to pulls IPs from top game titles as a list going to update with the launch of new games. The scripts will be updated too.

The PS4 games are running perfectly well and don’t crash with gameplay. Octosniff is the best ps4 IP grabber with names, and it is also useable to submit the Gamertag to the PS resolve tool. It fixes the network latency issues of PS3 and PS4 itself.

Octosniff Free Download

Octosniff free download from our link and enjoy premium featured tool with efficiency and great features. It performs DNS protocol and reveals the IP address contained in the Gamer Tag of other players during gaming.

I will work on all the PlayStation series as well as the PlayStations. You need to download the latest version of the software from our website. Keep t is premium software that works great and provides you with the features, not other software delivers.

We were only Promoting this tool for Educational Purposes and did not take any responsibility for any damage. Know that the software subsequently captures the data packet without analyzing itself by the packet sniffer.

The data capture feature will only capture the raw data packets by intercepting the network traffic. Know that it is only helpful when gaming multiplayer with other players. Many names know it since it has more features than any other tool.

They have fancy names like Console Sniffer, IPSNiffer, Octo Sniffer, and the most exciting work is finding the Usernames and IP Addresses of people. It is most likely compatible with all networks, WiFi, and Wireless with VPNs.

You have to be patient in exploring all the packets that the software presented to you in a user-friendly format. For proper use, you should read the manual guide of Octo sniff PSN resolver. It will help you with all of your questions and how to use Octo-sniff features.

How to Get Octosniff for Free?

First, you need to know what is Octosniff used for? It is a tool for just gaming and gamers only. Download Octosniff 2.0.3 full version is a worthy application for taking control over your own network for packets researching the network.

You can literally see the IPs and find the real players and determine the playing results. It has many flavors for PS4 IP Sniffer and Grabber that also works for PS3 IP Sniffer. The use of Xbox and PSN Resolver helps you secure your network from DDoS and potential tracking from unwanted guests and players.

Octosniff legit tool that allows decision gaming compatible platforms like Xbox, PS4/PS5, and Xbox One consoles mainly because of the vast gaming community. If the Octosniff was unable to start the installer automatically, that is the reason you got the wrong one. So download our latest version of Octosniff software that has many latest titles supported games.


Password of file is= hackvox

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Octosniff?

Octosniff is an IP tool use for Network Research purposes. Allows users to monitor other players and find their latency rate and capture their IP addresses. The IP address helps to find the ISP and area of the player. All possible information about Playstation, Xbox consoles. It is a gamer tool for player authentication and measures the latency of the network for Streaming.

Does Octosnif work on PC?

Yes, it does and provides excellent results providing information about latency and improve supported games. It optimizes the game connection and increases the chances of wins. It depends on each game and its server range to maximize the services and works for all devices. It has custom filters that identify IPs originating from the games, and it depends on each game they fully support.

Can you use Octosniff on Mac?

Yes, you can run Octosniff on Mac, but it requires you to use a virtual machine. Unless you want to jailbreak your Mac system, this is the only way you can use Octsniff on Mac.

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