Pubg V2.0 Apk Download For Android (Update)

PUBG v2.0 Apk is an updated version of the Pubg mobile game that includes new performance improvements favourable to all players, such as more interesting tactical items (guns and rewards), enhancements to the game physics, UI, rules and many more newly added features for players. This update improves the overall user experience and makes it more appealing with a new ranking system, better in-game rewards for players who achieve certain merit levels, and improvements to the game’s matchmaking system.

Officials state that the new PUBG Mobile 2.0 Update will assist players in finding matches with others of a similar skill level with a new incentive to continue playing the game with player-friendly options. If you want to update your Pubg to the latest version, you can download the Pubg V2.0 Apk to play smoothly with fast servers for worry-free gameplay. Since the previous release of PUBG Mobile 1.8 offered the classic mode map Aftermath and the all-new character Spiderman, this new update of PUBG Mobile 1.9 is distinct and includes reliable maps with bug improvements for players to enjoy more gaming with fewer problems.

PUBG game has seen many updates since its release in February 2018, now with PUBG Mobile V2.0 latest version, the popular game PlayerUnknown’s Battleground’s become more stable and easier for players to do more things while playing the best multiplayer online battle royal game. Since the developers of PUBG follows a scheduled release for big updates every six months, this means, the new version will be more stable and secure for legit players to get promotion to higher rankings. Those who have waited for a stable version of the game patch can download the new PUBG Apk 2.0 version released on March 15 and 20, 2022. This release has had a huge impact on players, yet make sure you download the game over a secure and functioning net and check your phone space for the most recent updates files.


The latest edition adds exciting features to the open-world game PUBG platform; users will discover a few more developments with the game’s final release. Tencent completed the beta version, testing with v1.8 and now stable the new game modes and maps, in addition to the New Classic Mode map Aftermath, which is a different version of Livik with futuristic elements and a future back Spiderman character who has been transformed by superpowers.

It fixes the problem with the game where players would become invincible and stabilises the beta test features from the previous version 1.8, so now is the perfect time for players, especially newbies or those looking for competitive gaming advantages can download the game to have all the benefits of the latest release.

It’s also worth mentioning you will need to download all of the latest updates if you want to keep playing Pubg online. It takes servers to drop old maps which may cause trouble to your scores and lose your game’s ranking. So, be a responsive player of BattleUnknownBattleGround and update to the latest stable Pubg V2.0 Apk for keeping yourself intact in your game loop.

The community is pleased with the release of v1.9, as it exceeds their expectations with previous versions, players will be able to enable emotes and gunfight features with the new Chair Park updates, which is distinctive for player competitions and allows customise weapons that also become futuristic with a new aim and controls. So, as we were assured, there is a lot more room for fun activities and one-on-one competitions.

Apk Information

App NamePubg V2.0 Apk
Publish DateMarch 15 and 20, 2022
Requirements6.0 and Up
Size750 MB

What’s New In Pubg Update V2.0 Apk

There are numerous changes ranging from a reunion of Metro Royale, new and changed lobby graphics, new maps, characters, and weapons to big improvements and bug fixes, which contribute to the game’s increased capacity for player interactions with multiple modes and additional features for the sake of Battle Royale spirits.

Version V2.0 Update New Supplies Shop

A Supply Shop has been added where you can buy supplies and tactical items to arm yourself and win the battleground. This shop feature is accessible from Erangel Ranked Modes in Livik RM, as well as Unranked Mode in new AfterMath maps, for all players who have upgraded to the V2.0 Pubg Apk.

New V2.0 Method of Recall with Faster Access

A new recall mechanism has been implemented, allowing all players to return to the battlefield for once. This is a much-anticipated feature that will make team fights more competitive and enjoyable. When you are in a difficult situation while playing alone, the icon will locate the Recall Tower and summon your teammates.

New V2.0 Game Interfaces Improvements

Pubg developers have implemented new changes that will improve map access and settings. The lobby screen has been improved by relocating the Cheer Park, which is now located next to the Mode Selection.

The Brother in Arms location has been changed to the Team-up Lobby, and the subscription location to purchases has been improved, which is now has a separate location of monetized events and activity events.

All of these changes resulted in more layout improvements in the bottom-right corner of the screen, allowing players to be more engaged while playing Pubg on small screen devices.

New V2.0 Tactical Improvements and Feature Introduced in V2.0 Update Pubg

With the new update, Pubg is entirely become a new game with a new set of mechanics and features, ranging from basic mechanics to improvements to every tactical approach in the game physics. These changes are the following.

New Revive Feature In Water: While swimming in a near-death state, the newly added mechanism allows players to stay alive for a few more moments to call and message their friends for reviving in the water. This feature is really helpful when you play PUBG Mobile with your friends and family.

Newly Added Hit Marker Feature: This new feature is an auto marking mode, which is modelled after the legendary BR game COD Warzone. A marker is automatically generated whenever a player or a teammate hit an enemy.

Latest Map Marker Feature in Pubg v1.9 Apk: This is a newly added feature that allows players to place a mark by tapping the map icon during the jump phase, which creates a pillar of light to appear at the exact location on the map to give a hint to the teammates

Special Guns Features Added for Improved Marksman Sight

No matter how hard we try, tactical settings always fail to achieve perfection of marksman sight, which is why the Pubg team regularly updates for improved sniping sight. The latest Pubg 1.9 update brings a new canted sight that has a stable Firearm mechanism with custom adjustments for the player to make proper settings and not deviate in the shooting direction.

The new crosshair has stabilized, which keeps the crosshair in the centre, resolving a recent release issue that caused a slight difference in the scattering value of firearms when shooting without scopes in different screen resolutions.

New V2.0 Guns Effects and Recoil Changes for Balancing Firearm

There is an MG3 that has been modified from its default shooting mode to 660 RPM, with a recoil of +10%. Another M16A4 has a newly added tracer effect when firing bullets, as well as a -10% recoil. Aside from that, the MK47 now has a tracer effect on bullets with a recoil of -10%.

Merit System Introduced with New Matchmaking Separation in Update V2.0

Pubg has completely overhauled the merit system to create a better gaming environment with improved merit rules to safeguard against violations. This makes them create a good gaming environment with rewards for players who have consistently maintained high merit.

There have been some significant improvements made to the detection rules for violations in order to make the punishment for bad actions, which are now changed to even more severe rules with the new merit system.

The suspected cheating players will receive the following penalties, which means that there is some sort of safety observation for a more comprehensive security inspection to maintain a fair competitive environment for all players.

  • Suspected players will only be permitted to play Solo Classic Mode TPP, not with friends or other teammates.
  • Cheated Players will not receive any earnings from matches, even if he achieves several achievements; the rules will be the same for rankings.
  • Such players are unable to join new teams, rooms, or tournaments, as well as use other game features such as spectating.

Removal of React Survival Feature with V2.0 Update

The new version of the Pubg mobile game removes the React Survival mode, which may annoy some Squid Game fans. This mode is brought from the famous Squid Game for a new experience, which is a survival from Evil Rabbit’s watchful eye, that is now coming to an end.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I update Pubg to the latest version?

There is a simple way to update your Pubg by downloading an Apk. You can also download it from the Google Play store. Both methods are legal and functional; simply click the download button and the Pubg update files will be downloaded. For more information on how to do it quickly, go to

When will the next Pubg update be released?

According to the official PUBG report, the PUBG Mobile 1.9 update will be released on March 15-20, 2022, 23:59 (UTC +0), This new update will feature many new things and stabilization of beta modes for both Android and iOS devices.

How to update Pubg in India v1.9?

You can update Pubg in India with the latest Apk for early access to the latest version. This method is easy for the Androids to download and install the latest version of Pubg Apk v1.9, from our website, we also have done a comparison of recent release v1.8 features with new release v1.9 for Pubg game.

How to update Pubg Mobile without Play Store on Android phone and Pubg Emulator?

You can update Pubg without visiting the Play Store by going to our website and downloading the most recent version in Apk. This is suitable for both the Pubg in Emulator and Pubg in the phone to have to install Pubg mobile 1.9 update, which is the latest release.


The excitement of the new release of PUBG mobile has led us here to download the Pubg v1.9 Apk for the latest updates for stable gameplay without the need to hover over Play Store, this method is quick to get an apk file and settle in your phone. The final conclusion we reached for the PUBG v1.9 is that all the newly added features improve the overall game, although it has some big changes there is the removal of React Survival mode, which may disappoint some of the players. Other than that, the improved user experiences, tactical mechanics, marksman sight stabilization with centre crosshair and revive underwater, are the big feature among many more which the new version 1.9 has to offer for the global update. So we are getting more advantages with a new version which is available today from March 15 to March 20, 2022. We hope that these changes will make shooting enjoyable at all times.

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