Straight Talk Unlimited Data Hack 4G Working Guide 2022

Straight Talk unlimited data hack for throttle free internet is a hack for data bundles and minutes with a new hotspot device from ZTE (z291dl). Anyone configure this device with the unlimited plan and use it as a portable hotspot with the phone, PC, and tablets. You can use an unlimited Talk, text plan with no contract on mobile hotspot, and put the sim card on your phone for services.

Straight Talk Unlimited Data Hacks

There are a couple of Straight Talk Data hacks that really work and still booming. They exist because specific carriers’ unlimited data plans like Telcel, T-Mobile, Net10 Wireless, StraightTalk Service, and Simple Mobile use the TracFone Wireless tracking data limit on various data bundles.

Buying a contract-free package for unlimited Talk, text, and data for $55 per month is a great choice. You may say is straight talk unlimited data really unlimited as some carriers did deliver their promise and limit data on various functions. Straight Talk’s new standard data plans are supposedly simplified without data caps plan without limits.

But in reality, the case is different. What straight talk promise is the most beautiful thing ever and what they deliver is not satisfying. StraightTalk includes an offer in their $55 data plan for hotspot tethering limited to 10 GB from T-Mobile and Verizon networks. It is something special from other carriers, but it is not enough for day-to-day use.

Reaching out the hotspot limit will turn off the hotspot feature and let you resume the part on the next billing or plan. But some ways can bypass usage restrictions and unlock wifi hotspot features for unlimited high-speed internet.

Can you Get Unlimited Data with Straight Talk Unlimited Hotspot Data Hack?

Verizon and T-Mobile networks deliver Straight Talk unlimited data plans with restrictions. They monitor hotspot data usage from your contracted phone and various other methods to know your hotspot usage.

Even hotpot in include in your monthly plan. It limits the hotspot speed. So users can not use further data and stay within the described limit. Thus mobile hotspot tethering function is limited in your unlimited monthly plan.

Carriers do not want you to use more than a specified data hotspot and charge extra money for extra GBs. Users can either pay more money to the carrier or try some hacks to use the hotspot tethering features.

Users can unlock the hotspot tethering for unlimited usage with different methods such as APN, Tether_dun=0, FoxFi, EasyTether full, Netshare PdaNet+ Rooting. We find these new hacks working and useful for Straight Talks unlimited high-speed throttle-free data on T-Mobile and version networks.

How to Get Unlimited Data Straight Talk Dun

You have to configure your network provider APN with these specific settings to make this process work. Here are the ultimate APN settings for StaightTalk Network provider T-Mobile MetroPCS. This APN can provide some ways up to the 35 Mbps high speed unlimited Straight talk hotspot on all devices.

  • First, you have to go to your phone settings and tap on network settings.
  • Under that, you will find your mobile settings, tap on it, and you will see APN or Access Point Names.
  • Now add a new APN with these settings.
  • Note: You can also use some Teather Unlocker for Unlimited Tethering with these APNs.


  • MMSC-
  • MCC-310
  • MNC-260
  • APN Type-default,supl,mms,dun
  • APN Protocol-IPv6
  • APN Roaming Protocol-IPv6

After that, go to your Wifi Router and configure it with our Wifi Router Tether Settings.

Wifi Router Tether Settings

Interface-wlan2 (or anything else that works for you)
Method-Native Tethering
Reset to default route and prevent stand by.

Wifi Router DHCP Tether Settings

  • The IP Address of DHCP-
  • DNS 1-
  • DNS 2-

Straight Talk High-Speed Data Hack Throttling

In the past, FTC’s complaint emphasised the primary carrier’s fake unlimited data plans. It unhides the real deal behind the showcasing of complete data offers. Millions of users from Straight Talk, Telcel America, and many other carriers who claim to provide unlimited mobile plans ask for refunds.

Carriers not just throttle user data but limit the customer’s data plan speed with TracFone Wireless that sets limits on data plans and users, and they didn’t know about it. Users cannot use hotspots at full speed in unlimited data plans due to data-cap and various restrictions.

Various features of 4G LTE high-speed internet data plans have hidden prepaid services. Unlimited data still isn’t truly unlimited even using it on the phone. Straighttalk network carrier T-Mobile set the throttle limit at 28GB and slowed down the internet speed at 26GB to reach out and unlawfully access customer’s data usage and overcharge the “unlimited plans” for hotspot tethering.

Using straight talk unlimited data hack is the solution for unblocking hotspot to share internet to other devices. It will show you how to get unlimited data straight talk service without any exclusive bundle card.


  • Go to your phone settings and tap on network settings.
  • Find your mobile settings, tap on it, and open up the APN or Access Point Names settings.
  • Now add a new APN as a secondary APN, do not delete the already connected APN.

APN Settings

  • APN: att.mvno vs. wap.tracphone
  • MMSC is the same
  • MMS proxy: (
  • OR MMS proxy: with (

Unlimited Data Straight Talk Service Hack

The cheapest contract prepaid data plans Straight Talk is the best carrier out there. Even for no-contract prepaid phones, their unlimited data plan is one of the money-saving goals. They did it by using other cell networks and cut down the package prices.

Straight Talk becomes an affordable choice carrier with few comprises. HD video playback is not possible usually, only 480p streaming is allowed. Users of single-line and multi-line plans have different offerings and limits.

Name “unlimited plan” in actual caped at 5oGB of usage. If anyone crosses this limit, the user will alarm the carrier, and the carrier will block such a user from the unlimited plan.

However, Straight Talk signal updates different carriers and brings new plans each year with other offerings. Here are the working secondary APN settings for default unlimited data contracted devices for complete high-speed data.

It is the easiest hack of Straight talk unlimited hotspot service. Suppose you are planning not to invest extra dollars on an already prepaid unlimited plan for unlimited tethering. This guide helps you do the hack.

  • Go to the phone settings and find the network settings tab.
  • Under the network, settings tap on mobile networks.
  • In that settings tab, you will see another set, name either as APN or Access Point Names.
  • Now add a new APN but do not remove the existed ones.
  • Just apply the same settings as you see on already established ones.
  • In the APN settings section, change the APN type with default,supl,hipri, dun.
  • Now you can change the preference of this APN as default and save it.

It will remove throttling on LTE and provide high-speed connections. This APN is the Straight Talk unlimited service hack.

PDA Net+ Unlimited Tethering

  • First, download the PdaNet Software for PC and Mobile Phone.
  • Install the Applications on both of the OS/ systems.
  • On mobile, configure it with options that are activated USB mode and hide tether usage.
  • On PC, configure it and connect the phone with your PC and start unlimited tethering.

These are the best hacks for Unlimited Data without Throttles on Straight Talk unlimited plan. It is a fully working method with all the new APN configurations. Provide higher speed service on all the standard unlimited data plans. Consider these APNs as Straight Talk mobile hotspot hacks.

Straight Talk Throttle

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