How To Check My Twitch Logs (Chat Logs) 2022 Guide

If you are a Twitch streamer and want to look through Twitch conversation logs. There are several methods for Twitch chat logs viewers to examine your Twitch Logs while streaming. I’ll provide the easiest ways that you can follow to watch your chat logs while practicing your gameplay so that no one misinterprets the dialogue as you intend to keep the chat positive and develop your following with excellent compliments.

How To Check Twitch Logs (Chat Logs Management)

You can view and remarks on ongoing conversations between the followers by checking your Twitch chat logs. There are multiple ways for both the Twitchers (viewers) and Twitch streamers (host streamers) to look into Twitch chat logs and see other people’s communication during the prominent moments and eyes on Twitch mods.

The monitoring of Twitch chat logs viewers is a way to manage your channel atmosphere and know what people dislike and appreciate about your channel.

Top Five Ways to Access Twitch Logs

The best ways to access your Twitch logs are shown below. It incorporates search commands, chatbots, third-party programs, and a variety of other courses of action. You can look through each technique to complement the most beneficial and easiest way for helping your decision. Here’s how they can help you with your channel.

1. Using the Search Command

Using the Search Command

On Twitch, the user search command allows you to browse through viewers’ conversations just by typing their username. It is the simplest method for rolling into a specific member’s conversation logs with minimal effort.

Follow the given steps to easily check your chat logs on Twitch and get your conversation straight with Twitch’s user search function via chatbox.

  • Look for a user whose logs you want to see.
  • Then type (/user username) and hit enter.
  • In the following dialogue, you will see all the logs that a person is having or had.
  • The given details will let you explore individual stream chats with a history.
  • There are two drawbacks of the user command line.
  • You can not see the comments removed by Twitch mods (moderators).
  • You have to check one individual at a time.

2. Chat Logs Twitch Website On Your Browser

Chat Logs Twitch Website On Your Browser

You can access Twitch logs (chat logs) on the Twitch website from a web browser to examine chat history by clicking on the username. The method goes through channels chat history and is a straightforward way to learn about audience interactions in a chat room.

  • Use your favorite browser to log in to your Twitch account.
  • Navigate to your channel and open it after you’ve been linked to the chat room.
  • If you are streaming offline, there will be no visitors you can check in the viewer’s conversation logs.
  • When you have online streams, the situation will be different because you will have live chat on your feeds.
  • To select a specific guest, point your mouse to the chat room and scroll up or down in the block.
  • Stop the chat room and hover over the user card once you’ve discovered the user you want to explore.
  • You can click to open a user card and explore a variety of options.
  • This includes Messages, Timeout, Ban, and Mod Comments in one place.
  • You will be able to see the entire chat history of the user’s account with many advantages to remarks visitors’ comments and mod comments.

3. Details On Twitch Chat Moderator View (Live Channel Mods View)

Details On Twitch Chat Moderator View

The obvious search may be done by going through the history of a channel’s chats. It’s straightforward, but the perspective of a chat moderator is advanced, and it’s possible to explore the stream’s chat as a moderator if you have moderator access.

The work you do from moderating chat is guiding new viewers and making Twitch a welcoming platform. The introduction of new moderator tools will work even better and more smoothly with the cat view mod and will be integrated directly into the chat room.

You may recall that was something discussed before at TwitchCon last year – well, the feature is finally available! You may now access channel-specific information about each user in the chat room on your channel or on channels you manage, allowing you to make more informed moderation decisions without leaving Twitch.

Guidelines for Twitch Chat Logs Viewers Using Moderator Tools

Twitch Chat Logs Viewers Using Moderator Tools
  • Simply switch to the moderator view on Twitch to check the chat logs by following up with these guidelines.
  • Go to the bottom-right corner of the screen and click on the Sword icon.
  • Then click on any viewer’s username to access their entire chat history on screen.
  • You have two ways to access Twitch chat logs with moderator tools.
  • Open the person profile card by clicking their username in discussion to examine chat logs.
  • Or you can access user details by using the /user chat command.
  • Here you can have the option to see mod channel-specific comments to take moderation action.
  • You may also look at user account details to see when the account was created.
  • The following are some of the prominent features that you might choose for specific purposes.
  • View the user’s history of channel-specific conversations, timeouts, bans, and chats.
  • Other than that, the mod view allows you to see the list of other channel names the channel owner has followed in the logs.
  • If someone’s attitude is not pleasant on the channel, you can take moderation action by using the defined features and making changes for time outs.

4. Your Third-Party ChatBots Panel for Twitch

You can check your chat logs as a viewer on Twitch streams. They are simplified for users and will be customized for a personal touch for features specif rolls. The chatbots are easy to keep track of your Twitch logs.

You may boost the usability of your channel by utilizing a variety of chatbots. Some bot programs are paid, while others are open source and free. I’ve described two of them that are free for viewing your twitch conversation records as a viewer.

Option1: Chatty for Twitch (Chatty Twitch Chat Client)

Chatty for Twitch

It is a Java-based open-source tool provided by the well-known GitHub, where over 73 million developers collaborate to create the future of software. Chatty Twitch Chat Client is compatible with Windows, iOS, and Linux-based operating system that supports Java 8 or later.

It is based on a Twitch-specific IRC client in the style of a conventional IRC client that the open-source community has provided us with the following features.

Features of Chatty Twitch Chat Client

  • Join multiple channels in tabs with the option to view in split screens or pop out into separate windows.
  • Channel Favorites, History, and Log chat open in TAB-Completion with an option to Input History.
  • Allow download feature for chat logs and streams for backup and monitoring.
  • Flexible message Highlighting and Ignoring feature.
  • Customizable chat colors, line spacings, alternating backgrounds, and catchy fonts.
  • For ease of eye, it has Dark Mode for night visuals.

Moderating Characteristics

  • You can click on the name to open a customizable User Dialog.
  • It shows recent messages, comments, and basic account information.
  • There is an optional pause-chat-on-hover feature to avoid misclicks.
  • AutoMod supports approve or deny filtered messages.
  • You can create Custom Commands and customize Context Menus for personal likings.

Option2: Streamlabs Cloudbot for Twitch (Chatbot with Cloudbot API)

Streamlabs Cloudbot for Twitch

Twitch Cloudbot is a popular Twitch bot by Streamlabs Chatbot that offers a variety of useful functions for both the YouTube and Twitch gaming platforms. This chatbot gives streamers one-of-a-kind moderation tools for entertainment on live broadcastings.

Cloudbot can assist you in engaging fans by providing custom commands for viewers’ interactions. The following functions are available with Streamlabs Cloudbot.

Features of Twitch Streamlabs Cloudbot

  • Cloudbot Loyalty Stors, Keyword Commands, New Modules, Minigames, Creator Sites Integration,
  • User Management Importers and More Mod Tools are the well-known available features.
  • You can add keywords to activate certain actions to create custom commands.
  • Adding Cloudbot Loyalty Store is an easy way to offer prizes to your viewers in exchange for their loyalty points.
  • Modifications to Modules and Minigames allow for user involvement or discussion.
  • Eight Ball, Slots, Emote Pyramids, Emote Combos, or Duel are all options for Minigames.
  • Loyalty Leaderboard components are accessible for the list of the available commands in the Creator Sites Integration.
  • Depending on your preferences, you can control the User Management ability to give the role of most faithful viewers with specific criteria.
  • Importers feature will allow you to export your Streamlabs Desktop Chatbot settings to Cloudbot.

Moderation Characteristics

There are built-in moderation features to keep your chat room clean and secure.
To safeguard your channel from chat abuse, you can filter parameters such as caps, emotes, paragraphs, links, symbols, and words.
If you choose the personalized Cloudbot, which is available 24 hours a day, needs no files to install and it does not occupy your CPU.

5. Using the Twitch VOD Feature

Twitch VOD Feature

The feature so-called Twitch VODs can be used to view Twitch Chat Logs along with a moderate history of your channel. The feature is introduced to add a chat recording tool for viewers, but channel owners can also make use of it and see user comments on previous streams.

After you’ve made your selection, you’ll be able to see all of the comments, including those that have been removed by moderators. VOD allows you to stream your channel as video-on-demand to observe what happened while streaming.

You can see your whole stream with conversation Twitch logs enabled on one side. In my opinion, VODs are more than just video on demand. If you have a disagreement with a viewer, VOD can assist you in discovering all of the chat histories of a specific person to pick your viewer’s word for a response.

Twitch Logs for Streamers (What exactly are chat logs, and why should you care about them?)

Because of Twitch’s widespread popularity, the platform is dwelling with streamers and gaming fans day and night, seeking to spend time watching live game streamings. Twitch Chat Logs are extremely important during your time on Twitch, especially if you are a streamer.

It allows fans to give live reactions on your channel. But because of the extensive use of live chat, viewers are frequently active in speaking with gamers and companions on favorite games. Sometimes when critics start making comments, communication can quickly devolve into shambles.

This is why there is a moderation team to manage abusive comments to clean the platform from hatred individuals. The reason is obvious that you are looking for Twitch Chat Logs to filter your chat history and take control over reviews so that you are aware of moderator comments and warnings for specific individuals in your stream’s chat

When you’re a Twitch streamer, it’s crucial that your chat log is free of offensive or inappropriate comments, swear words or hate speech. It is possible to manage a positive conversation experience on your channel by checking your Twitch chat records to ensure that all of your viewers have a great chat experience.


Twitch is a live streaming video platform for gamers who are interested in streaming and broadcasting live videos on Twitch for viewers around the world. It had become a daily dose for many fans to watch video game feeds and comment on their reactions, which may be favorable or negative feedback to the streamers.

Here come the Twitch chat logs viewers, which allow streamers to get control of their channel and examine every message is sent on their live streams so that they may answer questions from fans and receive donations from regular twitchers

Hopefully, you’ve learned enough to locate your Twitch Logs and review your visitors’ comments and suggestions to maintain a happy attitude and improve the development of your channel.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Twitch Chat Logs Viewer?

Twitch chat allows streamers and viewers to engage with the host and other viewers while watching a particular stream. The chat logs are the history of a particular broadcast that streamers can view with the command (/user username) and have a proper look at Twitch mods comments with Twitch chat logs by username.

How to delete your chat logs on Twitch?

You must enable “Mod Tools” from the Settings menu to customize your conversation and view Twitch chat logs by username. After that, you may finally use the command “/clean” to clear the whole chat history.

How long is a twitch timeout?

It’s as simple as clicking on the username (user card) to see the timeouts. The command line (/timeout username seconds) will timeout a user from the chat room for 10 minutes (temporary base). If you want to prohibit someone from the chat room for a longer period, you can contact moderation and request to ban someone for a maximum of 14 days.

Does Twitch chat logs are permanent?

There is no permanent solution for keeping Twitch logs other than VOD storage. When a channel owner enables the VOD option as a Prime or Twitch Turbo user, the VOD space stores all of the channel’s broadcasts for 60 days before deleting them permanently. A standard VOD user, on the other hand, has a 14-day storage limit before being erased.

How to download Twitch chat logs?

You download Twitch chat logs with the help of third-party Chatbots and Twitch stream programs. Such includes Chatty, Nightbot, and Streamlabs Cloudbot. They are dedicated chatbots to help you download and view your Twitch chat logs.

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