Vizio TV Wont Turn On (100% FIXED)

When your Vizio TV wont TURN on, there could be a variety of reasons for such rude behavior. But don’t think about worse yet, not until you have tried out the troubleshooting methods. Even though the problem with the Vizio TV shutting down and refusing to switch back on is quite serious, it requires immediate attention.

You must take some troubleshoot actions to fix the Vizio TV by yourself and restore the TV picture. If you couldn’t determine the source of the problem it is likely to be repaired by a technician. In this blog, I’ll go over the fundamental steps you should take to clear your assumptions and, most likely, resolve your Vizio TV not turning on issue.

Vizio TV Wont Turn On

Many times it is the Firmware updates that are frequently to blame for the black screen of Vizio smart TV to unable to display any image. However, this is not always the case; your television may have a physical fault related to hardware or a software glitch. It’s also conceivable that the power supply or power cords have been compromised. In any case, I’ve listed the leading causes of Vizio TV not turning on and then described possible solutions.

If your Vizio television won’t power on or is unable to power itself, here are the fundamental testing procedures you can take before attempting the troubleshooting steps to fix teh problems. Keep track of the steps you’ve been given.

  • Move closer to your TV and press the power button.
  • When you press the button, look at the power indicator light on the bottom corner.
  • Do you notice the power light turning on at all?
  • If it turns on and flashes from orange to white. Your TV may boot up in two or three minutes.
  • The power light is an indication of the problem. If it is still flashing then there is a problem with your TV.
  • In another case, if the power light comes on, the device is powered on but no picture.
  • If that is the issue you may have a picture issue. You can check the solutions down below for the picture issues.
  • Most newer VIZIO TVs come with a white LED power indicator light which light fades out when the TV is fully powered on.
  • If you have a new Vizi TV that isn’t turning on and the light doesn’t fade out but simply turns off, there is a problem with your TV.

After the initial testing and results, you can consider the given solutions. If the problem persists then you can check your eligibility for a warranty and request service from Vizio by contacting customer support.

What Causes Vizio TV To Not Turn On?

What Causes Vizio TV To Not Turn On

Vizio is an American consumer electronics company that specializes in the manufacture of LCD TVs, LED LCD TVs, and OLED Televisions. The company is based in Irvine, California, and is known for its budget-friendly gaming-centric televisions and 4K home theatre HDR editions of televisions for a competitive price.

The issue is not big to solve but the customer response of Vizio is being lame for responding to users’ trouble with their products (TVs) and that causes chaos of worry that many disappointed hands looking for proper solutions on the internet. It is not a good strategy from a leading manufacturer of electronics but that’s the huge loss of customer satisfaction.

Anyway, the most typical causes that I’ve discovered from multiple unlucky people are ranked down the list. Check the list for comparing your Vizio TV and then proceed to the solutions section to find the best techniques for troubleshooting your TV for fixtures.

Solvable Issues With Vizio TV Troubleshooting

  • Your Vizio TV won’t turn on power light fades off.
  • Vizio TV power light stays on but no picture.
  • The standby light is turned on, but there is no picture or output on the screen.
  • A situation like which the Vizio TV won’t turn on but orange light is on.
  • It is possible to resolve a software bug, firmware, or feature that has been bothering.
  • Vizio TV keeps turning off and on even after a hard reset.
  • When your Vizio Television has faulty or broken ports.
  • Vizio TV power button not working.
  • When Vizio power board got a problem, like overheating, circuit failure, etc.
  • Shattered screen or broken Main Board (Circuit).

Common Causes Of Vizio TV Does Not Turn On

1. Remote Battery: The most common reason for your Vizio TV not turning on is a dead remote battery. It is conceivable that your Vizio TV remote batteries have been drained out and there is not enough power to transmit signals to your Vizio TV.

2. Software Features That Are Inadvertently Enabled: Two characteristics could be causing your Vizio TV to go black. When you enable “Muted Screen” and “Sleep Timer,” your TV will not display any image until you have manually hit the power button.

3. Firmware Has a Bug or Error: In a recent event, I discovered that Vizio, Samsung, and some other manufacturers’ TVs have an issue with the current Firmware, which is the root cause of Vizio TV wont switch off, screen freezing, and black screen with no sight or graphics issues.

4. Power Surge Damage to Your TV: It is possible that your house, or the connecting outlet, experienced a power spike. A regular power surge may be handled by the TV’s internal power supply, but a repeated power surge can cause your TV to stop working or to turn on but not show any picture.

5. Damaged Power Cord: A typical problem with many smart TVs is a disconnected or damaged power cord. It is a simple fix if you have a disconnected connection from the outlet, which will likely render it unable to receive the current to which it is required to run and display image output.

6. Lose Or Faulty Cable or Broken Outlet Connection: If you have a broken or faulty outlet connection, it will most likely cause your TV to malfunction and become unresponsive, resulting in a black screen with no picture. The electrical current going through it will be too high or too low for the TV to process.

7. Faulty Ports or Dirt Clogging: There is a possibility that your TV ports are broken or have internal flaws that make them unreliable for connection. You may dust the dirt and clogging out of TV ports and measure the current input for your TV ports to see if there is a problem with them.

8. Loose Connection With Extension Cord: It is normal for extension cords to have a loose connection and even lower the voltage, which is insufficient to power your TV. If possible, unplug the extension cord and connect your Vizio TV straight to the wall outlet.

Make sure that your extension cords do not have any joints in them. If they do, it is very unsafe to touch the wires or to contact your TV with your bare hands. You should cover your hands with rubber insulating gloves before doing so.

9. Shattered Or Broken LCD Screen: It’s simple to tell whether your TV’s screen is shattered or broken. When you move your palm across the panel, you will feel glass spikes. If your TV falls or is hit by a hard surface, this will be the cause your Vizio TV wont turn on or become unresponsive.

10. Broken Hardware (MainBoard Or Circuit Board): If your TV goes through a drop, bad connection, or power surge it may have damaged the hardware, such as the mainboard (Circuit Board) to not function and transmit visual or audio signals to the processor.

11. Damaged Internal Power Supply Circuit (No Power): The sudden impact of a malfunctioning outlet would cause damage to the internal power supply circuit of the TV. It will result in cutting the power supply to the other components, preventing your TV from booting or turning on.

Troubleshooting Solutions For Vizio TV

Troubleshooting solutions for Vizio TV are sometimes something I can discuss for a quick bit of every problem. Even it seems almost impossible to figure out what is wrong with a device when there are so many different possibilities. Even when you know what the problem is, you may not know how to fix it.

When there is a red indicator light (standby light) on your TV and the screen is still black, then that means your TV is in Standby mode. It will be fixed by pressing the power button and restarting your TV. This happens regularly to many people when dealing with Vizio TV’s black screen.

For other situations, you have a variety of tools at your disposal that can assist you in determining the nature of the problem and how to resolve it. You can follow me to the possible solutions.

1. Change Your Remote Batteries

Change Your Remote Batteries

The first step in troubleshooting your Vizio TV is to change the batteries in your remote. It is one of the most common problems that the remote batteries are nearing or completely dead. Replacing the fresh batteries and trying to turn on the TV again will get you the answer you’re looking for.

If it works, ensure that the remote batteries always have enough juice to maintain the connection. But when you have noticed no response from the TV, your TV remote is likely either broken or has a flaw.

Check For The Following Flaws:

  • Check that none of the remote buttons are stuck.
  • If there is dirt on the remote control terminals, try cleaning it by opening the remote.
  • Hold the exit button for 15 seconds to reset the remote.
  • If it is still not working then you should move to a second solution.

2. Switch To A Different Remote Controller

Switch To A Different Remote Controller

If your default TV remote isn’t working, you should use a universal TV remote, which is compatible with almost all TV models from all manufacturers, including Vizio, Samsung, LG, Sony, and Roku. It is also a viable choice if you have misplaced your TV remote. In the event that you lose your TV remote, the universal remote will serve as a backup.

Press the ‘Menu’ button on your VIZIO remote or universal remote to see if the menu appears.
If the television is showing a menu, I can tell the TV is working and there may have a memory issue that lets it slow boot up.
In such a case, you can immediately turn off the ‘Screen Mute’ feature from your TV settings.

3. Turn Off Features That Causing Your Vizio TV Go Black (No Picture)

Turn Off Features That Causing Your Vizio TV Go Black (No Picture)

Some VIZIO TVs have “Mute Screen” and “Sleep Timer” features that may likely malfunction. These two features may be causing your TV to not display the screen. Sometimes the screen turns black but the sound continues to play. Other times, it happens when you use SmartCast on your Vizio TV and it blacks out.

Screen Mute and Sleep Timer

Screen Mute and Sleep Timer

The easy way to fix this problem is to turn off the “Screen Mute” and “Sleep Timer” settings. Then everything will be OK. To check your screen is not muted, simply press and hold the ‘Mute’ button on your remote for 5 seconds to disable this feature. It is likely enabled for streaming services like Pandora and Spotify to play tracks while the screen is muted.

4. Reset Your TV Power Strip Or Surge Protector Device

Reset Your TV Power Strip Or Surge Protector Device

Notice if there is no power light on your TV, you may have an unplugged issue that can be resolved by resetting the power cable from the Surge Protector or Power Strip. You can check the TV power cable and the power cord that is attached to a Power Strip or Surge Protector and make sure the device is turned on.

Ensure that your Power Strip or Surge Protector is operational and that it is powering your television. You can attach another device to the Surge Protector maybe a lamp or charger to make sure it is getting electricity. Doing so will sure there is no issue with the Power Strip or Surge Protector.

5. Connect To Different Power Outlet

Connect To Different Power Outlet

When your power cord is damaged or unable to pass current to the TV hardware. Replacing your Vizio TV power cord is a wise decision for such scenarios. You can reach the power cable from the back of the Vizio TV and carefully remove it from the TV. While doing so taking care not to touch any exposed metal or wires.

At first, you should examine your TV connections carefully; if you notice any loose connections, fix them right. It could possible that your TV cables are not properly plugged in. Make a thorough inspection of all connections surrounding your TV and all other occupied ports to see if your TV is turned on.

You can remove teh damaged cables by taking precautions to protect yourself and your television.

  • At first, consider shutting off the electricity.
  • When working with severely damaged cords, use safety gloves.
  • Slowly detach your TV’s equipment, receivers, consoles, or BluRay players.
  • Then reach for the power cord to unplug from both the wall outlet and TV side.
  • Place your new power cord on the back of the Vizio TV and then connect it to the wall outlet.
  • Now, turn on the power and see if your television is switched on.

If your Vizio TV has no damaged cables and all of sudden it won’t power on, even when you have replaced the power cord. It may be the reason that your existing power outlet may have a low voltage that can’t meet the power requirements of your TV.

Switching outlets for a better connection and configuring suitable port selection is the solution. Make sure you have avoided incorrect input and plug your TV into a wall power outlet to test the results. Make sure the outlet is working properly.

6. Check The Inputs And Connections (Remove All Accessories)

Check The Inputs And Connections (Remove All Accessories)

A damaged or malfunctioning HDMI cable or port, Display cable or port, Scart lead or port, USB cable or port, DVI & VGA cable (D-Sub port), could be the cause of your Vizio TV power light staying on but no picture on the screen. A bad HDMI cable could lead the no sound and no picture problems on a TV.

You can fix this problem by simply removing the HDM cable from your TV and replacing it with a new one. Another option is to change the HDMI port, as most TVs have a number of HDMI ports. However, if your TV terminal becomes faulty, it will most likely be unable to receive HDMI signals and other inputs from the display cables.

7. Perform Quick Power Cycle (TV Power Reset)

Perform Quick Power Cycle (TV Power Reset)

When your Vizio TV wont turn on but orange light is on. You can perform a power reset to resolve this problem. A power reset is a valuable troubleshooting procedure that is commonly used to resolve a variety of difficulties, including Vizio TV, stuck on the welcome screen, Vizio TV picture freezes but the sound continues, Vizio TV stuck on terms and conditions, and many other related issues.

Remember power rest is different from the reset function of TVs which is used to reset all the functions to their original settings. You can follow these steps to configure a power rest to your Vizio TV.

  • Try to Turn off your TV. If not possible skip to the second step.
  • Unplug your Vizio TV power cord from the wall power outlet.
  • Remove all the attached cords including accessories.
  • Let the television remain without power for a minute.
  • Hold down the power button on the side of the TV for 5 seconds to 10 seconds.
  • Repeat this step twice to completely drain all the power from the circuit board.
  • Reconnect the power cord of your Vizio TV and press the power button to power on the television.
  • Avoid using any Extension Cords, Surge Protectors, or Power Strips and instead plug directly into a working wall socket.
  • The procedure will soft reset your TV and resolve minor power issues, after which your TV should power back on.
  • If the problem persists, it is suggested to hard reset your TV return the TV settings to their original factory settings.

8. Hard Reset Or Factory Reset Vizio TV Without Remote

Hard Reset Or Factory Reset Vizio TV Without Remot

If you are unable to turn on your Vizio TV screen to display pictures rather than a black display with backlit on. You should try hard reset or factory reset Vizio TV without using the remote. In this manner, you’ll be satisfied, and not having a display will neglect the remote usage because you won’t be able to observe the settings on the screen’s input.

So doing a factory reset would be the best solution since it will fix almost all the software glitches and issues automatically without the need for any technical assistance. Follow these procedures to do a hard reset of your Vizio TV, which will not display a picture but show a light indicator.

Before you begin, keep in mind that a hard reset will restore all of your TV’s settings to their defaults, and you will lose your installed applications, files, and even your WiFi connection with your router.

Steps To Hard Reset, Factory Reset Vizio TV

  • Turn on your TV, we need to perform this step while the TV is turned on.
  • You need to reach for the Vizio TV power button panel from the back.
  • When you have reached out, you will see a bunch of different buttons (power, volume, input, etc).
  • What we should do is press the combination of buttons to perform a hard reset.
  • Press and hold down the “Volume down button” and “Input button” for 15 seconds at once.
  • You will notice a message will appear on the screen that says “For resetting TV, press only the input button for 10 seconds.”
  • It will then factory reset your Vizio TV that will certainly work fine and you will be able to see the graphics and visuals popping on screen.

9. Update TV Software Or Get Back To Previous Version of Firmware

Update TV Software Or Get Back To Previous Version of Firmware

If you recently upgraded the newest firmware on your Vizio TV, this could be the cause of your TV not powering on. In most cases, I recommend updating the firmware to the most recent version, but in the case of televisions, the opposite is true. To avoid unnecessary glitches and glitches, stick with the most stable version.

In a recent event, I discovered that Vizio, Samsung, LG, and other manufacturers’ TVs have a problem with the current Firmware, which causes many problems for consumers across all known brands. But, unfortunately, Vizio’s response to this issue is still unsatisfactory, and I haven’t received a proper answer.

The faulty Firmware version caused many system errors such as Vizio TV won’t power on, screen freezing, black screen with no picture or graphics, HDMI (2.1) 2.0 port failure, and eARC failures.

Official response to the Firmware bugs: Vizio support manager stated that they were able to figure the problem and that’s it. There is no solution proposed by the official forum. However, I have discovered a viable solution that may resolve the issue.

  • First, perform a quick power cycle (TV Power Reset).
  • Then, hard reset or (Factory Reset) Vizio TV without a remote.
  • Both procedures have been described earlier.
  • You should repeat these steps one after another and see the results.
  • After you receive the image, immediately go to the system update and have your TV updated.

10. A Relative Solution For Vizio TV Wont Turn Off

Vizio Smart TVs are designed to be used with a wireless internet connection, and when the Vizio TV’s “Auto Off” feature is enabled, which is a kind of data and power-saving feature, it will switch off the TV to save resources when there is no signal for around 10 minutes.

However, if it becomes malfunctions, it may randomly switch on and off and will sometimes fail to turn off the TV screen. As previously discussed, you should disable the automatic power-off option from the “Sleep timer” settings. This is the remedy you can use to solve not turning on or off problems with Vizio TVs.

11. Call Vizio Customer Support (Repair Vizio TV)

Call Vizio Customer Support (Repair Vizio TV)

If none of the solutions listed above has worked, your Vizio TV will not power on and will not produce a picture. You should think about checking your warranty. If your TV is still under warranty. You can contact Vizio customer support and claim a replacement TV, or consult for free repairs.

Claiming your TV warranty is the last stop for fixing your TV won’t power on. In case your TV is not valid and out of warranty, then you can begin looking for a repair company to hire yourself a technician for repair services.


Vizio has been in the market for quite some time now, it is the most commonly used brand of smart TVs in the market that offers a variety of models with affordable price ranges. How many companies can stay afloat for over a decade? But Vizio has had quite a few ups and downs and taken a lot of criticism for their products.

There are different reasons that a Vizio TV wont turn on. Some are easy to fix and others will require you to contact Vizio customer service. If your Vizio TV is not powered on, don’t panic. There are a few things you can try before contacting support.

I have done a listing slew of troubleshooting solutions for Vizio TV available for all users who have trouble with Vizio TV. You should try troubleshooting the list of fixtures for Vizio TV not turning on. I’ve done my best to convey proper solutions that may ease your life and fix your TV problems.

Try out the given fixtures before consulting Vizio warranty.

  • Check TV remote for drained batteries.
  • Reset your remote by removing the batteries and pressing the power key for 15 seconds.
  • Put back the batteries and try to command your Vizio TV again.
  • Use a universal remote for controlling the TV.
  • Check all the connections and try plugging into a different outlet.
  • Replace the damaged cords and cables.
  • Perform power reset to your Vizio TV.
  • Factory reset to revert to previous firmware.
  • Claim Vizio TV warranty for repairs.

Although I’m not a fan of Vizio TVs they are convenient, affordable, and easy to use. The above troubleshooting steps should help you fix the problem and get your TV to turn on. In case you have a question, leave your comments and I’ll catch up.

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