Xfinity Router Flashing Orange No Internet: Meaning and Fixes

When Xfinity modem blinks orange and no internet issue occurs it is probably an indication of firmware upgrade. The internet modem’s front lights are excellent for signaling the device’s current state for active or lost connections with the cables. It also indicates other problems, like malfunction with splitter or internet service outage. In this blog, we are going to assist you with possible solutions and describe what causes Xfinity router flashing orange no internet.

Xfinity has a great service throughout the USA and provides high-speed internet routers to customers for reliable connection and services at home or working space. They offer excellent performance modems for the users and often do rental base contracts on top of services. Because they are good in quality many choose to pay additional equipment fees to stay with Xfinity routers.

Xfinity Router Flashing Orange No Internet

Xfinity Router Flashing Orange No Internet
Xfinity Router Flashing Orange No Internet

The blinking orange light on Xfinity routers is not particular, there are similar cases with other modems from different services such as Netgear routers often blinks orange light in the state of connections failure or hardware problem’s, even the Nighthawk M1 pocket router indicators are on screen for such issues to apprise user for communication complications and when such case happens with Xfinity router blinking orange you should not ignore the situation.

There are several light displays on the face of your Xfinity router and all indicate different statuses of the device and purposes for diagnosing of problem. Each color has a different reason for blinking, it is also why you are here to investigate the orange light on the Xfinity router, Thankfully we have just the solutions you need for solving the case.

Different types of lights on Xfinity modem and what do they mean?

  • When router lights are stable and the color white, it indicates that the modem is operational and working properly with active connections. The blinking white light on other aspects indicated the router is making connections with services or running with limited operations.
  • The red steady light on the Xfinity router is the indication of a trouble connection or no working service with a null connection. It usually happens at the time of initial settings when you have installed the router and didn’t connect it with the service cables.
  • The blue blinking light is a clear sign of WPS mode on your Gateway Xfinity modem that is trying to make a connection with a wireless-enabled device. Gratefully the blue blinking is temporary and only lasts a couple of seconds till the requested device is connected with your network router.
  • Xfinity Xfi router flashing orange no internet is the warning of unstable connection. The situation concern more when you have properly checked the connections and splitter and they are fine from ports. Then it clues something else, at first, it could be your device undergoing software update or there is a service outage in your area, while other reasons could be modem defective hardware.

How to fix the Xfinity modem when blinking orange

When you couldn’t find the reason for the modem blinking orange lights, you may experience a lot of connectivity issues. This could be on your end of the router or from the service side. But having checked all the possible backends can satisfy with a straightforward answer. The loss of functionality may have tangled wires or some loose splitter connection between your router and your wall connection with either coaxial cables or ethernet cables. Once you have determined what causes the problem then solve it easily.

Things to check when your Xfinity router is flashing orange

1- Check for Loose Cables

Things to check when your Xfinity router is flashing orange
Things to check when your Xfinity router is flashing orange

This is a simple reason that makes your modem go orange. You have to physically check all the connections and make sure all cables are tightly connected to your devices and wall outlets. A simple rain check on your router connections can be the easiest way to find such possible loose ends to tie and plug properly.

2- Check your Gateway Connections

If you have installed a Getway device along with your router then it should be in charge of communications as an overlay. The best way to determine the cause of the orange blinking light no internet is by checking the Gateway connection. You can even remove it for a bit and recheck the router statistics for effects. If moving away from the Gateway is the solution then it is better to use your network without a Gateway or attach a new one.

3- Splitters Can Cause the Problem

When you have multiple devices on extended ethernet cables then chances are you have been using splitters in your connection for two physical ethernet ports to allow you to connect multiple devices at different locations in the house. In such cases, you can either change your splitters or move your router to a different position for testing the cause.

4- Faulty Ethernet or Coaxial Cable Connection

Ethernet cables are critical components of any network system as if they are failed to function properly or become faulty, all your networks will be down and not function properly. The electrical signals could not pass through the damaged cables and also the ethernet adapter can be faulty which means you have diagnosed it with different cables.

5- Problems with Power Supply

An unstable power source can damage the router’s internal connection that can result in blinking orange light, so properly configuring the power supply with a wall outlet is important for the router to receive current. If a voltage overloads the router it is not suitable for usage and in cases if it is too low, then the internet signal could not travel through cables and you will be seeing no connection on connected devices.

6- Unreliable Outdated Firmware Software

Outdated firmware in a router is a threat to the security of web browsing, your IP address, and other information that can breach by attackers, while on the hardware side you will find unstable connection problems. It could also be the reason for the orange light in the Xfinity router that the device is undergoing a firmware update.

7- Service Outage in your Area

Service Outage in your Area
Service Outage in your Area

The service outage is a possible reason the Xfinity network is having a coverage problem in your area. You can call customer service and confirm if it’s just your home or the entire area is out-of-coverage. Watching the television news is another way to see if there is a natural disaster or something similar causing the outage.

8- Defective Router

One of the warning signs of the defective router is signal indication lights going blinking or completely turned off. Not just that there are other bad signs including weak WiFi signals, loose cables or damaged cable adapters, and faulty connection that results in unsuitable poor connectivity.

Fixes you can make when the Xfinity router flashing orange without internet

1- Reboot your Router

Rebooting your router is a good practice for security and the first step in resolving problems such as network connections and orange light blinking. This is a simple step that anyone can take. There are two ways to reinitiate your Xfinity modem. One is manual and another goes through the Admin tool or App. You can manually restart by unplugging the power cable and waiting for a minute then reconnect the power cable. The alternative method requires you to log in to your admin panel and go to the Troubleshooting section, then choose the Reset/Restore option. After that, if your modem continues to blink orange, there are other solutions.

2- Plug it Alone and Remove Other Connections

The second step to fixing your Xfinity router orange blinking light is to remove all the extra connections and plug them along to test the results. It is necessary to remove all the extra devices, splitters, extended cables, or any additional connections, to see the fault. When you do this, you will know the status of your router and will be able to solve the blinking orange light problem by removing the faulty device.

3- Try a different Ethernet or Coaxial Cable

Coaxial cables and ethernet cables are common in most network communications and having a faulty cable connected to your router can cause no connection issue that is understandable for the damaged part. The solution to that problem is replacing damaged cables with new ones or trying different cables for testing. Even replacing cables couldn’t fix your router communication, you can then move to the next solution.

4- Wait for Firmware to Upgrade

The major reason for Xfinity router flashing orange light and no internet service is having a firmware update at its current state. To handle this situation firmly you need to wait for the firmware update to complete. Firmware is a piece of software embedded in the hardware of electronic devices, such as Windows on our PCs and Android on our phones. But not all devices are suitable for big and hefty operating systems, it is where firmware comes into play for operational devices, such as router’s to be programmed for usage efficiency.

If you want manually check for the latest firmware to overcome connection problems, certainly you can do that by going to your router’s settings. It is accessed easily from the Advanced Settings tab. You can then navigate to the Administration section and select either the Firmware Update or the Router Update. The updates are automatic and when your device finds a new version it will install automatically, but given your modem some time to initialize the process and complete the task. When it finishes then you will find the blinking orange light problem gone.

5- Reset your Router to Default Settings

Reset your Router to Default Settings
Reset your Router to Default Settings

When the motive of the blinking orange light on your router isn’t originated then you should consider resetting your Xfinity router to its default settings. The process is fairly simple and many manufacturers ease us by planting a reset button on the router’s backside for quick access. You can press the reset button with a pin and it will fix your router indicators lights along with other problems. For button pressing, you can also use your phone’s sim removal tool. Besides the physical reset button, there is also another way to reset the Xfinity router to factory default settings, and it goes through the admin panel. Remember if you have installed an Xfinity gateway it will not reset with your router.

6- Connect a Different Modem for Testing

When you are unsuccessful with fixing your Xfinity router orange light blinking problem with changing ethernet cables (coaxial cables), removing gateway, rebooting, or resetting the factory default settings, then you should check your router for physical damages and if possible change it with a new one for instance. Connecting a new router to your existed network will make things clear and if there is a problem with your network you shall be known about the problem and if so there is no issue with the connection and everything’s work fine with your new modem then you will also get the idea that your Xfinity router is broken and unable to carry your services.

7- Consult Internet Service Provider

The final fixture upon failing to find a suitable solution from the above-mentioned parasols is making contact with Xfinity customer services representatives to explore your router problem. If the router is broken you should ask for a replacement and in other cases, you will be informed about the particular reason for router’s behavior with blinking orange lights. In case of service outage and loose connection at your home or office, they can send an IT professional for fixing your internet issue at your place for satisfactory results.


We hope you enjoyed our article about the Xfinity router flashing orange. This is important to read if you are having an issue connecting to the Internet with the Xfinity modem. We are always happy to help, so if you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact us anytime at android dose. The problem, Xfinity router flashing orange no internet is not particular, any modem can get faulty. Technological problems have technical solutions and if so you can find one when you get a problem like that. Another aspect of electronic devices they degrade pretty fast and lose performance over time. If your new device is faulty upon receiving immediately return it to the company and exchange it for a new one.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the flashing orange light on the Xfinity router?

Color lights on routers are meant for providing connection status in the meantime while also indicating issues related to internet connections. The flashing orange light on your Xfinity router is a sign that your Xfinity router is undergoing a firmware upgrade but it is not certain for upgrades only, there could be other problems with faulty cables, or your modem does not receive enough power for operations.

What to do if your Xfinity WiFi router flashes orange?

You can instantly reboot your router for possible service connection problems at your routers, then if it doesn’t help your issue, you can look for loose cables. Even a single loose cable can not transmit data signals that are necessary to complete the network. So fixing your Xfinity router blinking orange and no internet connection problem begins with tightening your cables with outlets and contact service prover for the service outage.

How to reset your Xfinity router?

Resetting the Xfinity router can be done in two ways, one is with a physical button present on your router’s and another with accessing the Admin Interface of your router from a computer or any internet surfing device. The manual solution is to take a pin and insert it in the reset button on your router for two seconds then it should back to life once restarts. Another way is to log in to your account in the routers Admin panel and scroll settings to find the option, reset router to factory settings.

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